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6 Reasons To Write Down Your Dreams

6 Reasons To Write Down Your Dreams

6 Reasons To Write Down Your Dreams

Let yourself draw inspiration and travel through your subconsciousness without getting out of bed. Here are 6 reasons as to why writing down your dreams is important!

1. Reduces Stress and Helps Overcome Anxiety

Try to think about how many of your dreams approximately had a uniquely positive and cheerful storyline? Most likely, not many; less than disturbing dreams. Quite often we see something or someone chasing us, and we run away. Or we find ourselves in a hopeless situation when something threatens our life.

Keeping records generally helps to reduce stress levels and increase psychological stability, and keeping tracks of your dreams is no exception. Having your dreams, even the most frightening ones, written down will help you begin to perceive them in a more positive way – like watching a thriller – and you will not suffer from nightmares anymore!


2. Helps Control Lucid Dreams

Sounds scary but exciting at the same time! Lucid dreams, also known as vivid dreams, can be quite pleasant because you are aware that it’s all a dream. You can explore the places generated by your subconsciousness and meet familiar people from the real world or even create various fantastic creatures. Controlling this kind of dream is not only interesting but also useful because it helps to develop areas of the brain that are responsible for logical thinking and willpower.

A dream diary will help you to plunge into lucid dreams. You can keep track of what places, events, and even “investigate” the dream. In case you are missing on the fun because you have to get up in the morning, write down all the dream events. As you fall asleep the next night, concentrate on the images from the past dream. It’s easy, but it may require some training.

3. A Source of Inspiration

Did you know that Paul McCartney wrote “Let It Be” after he had dreamt about his dead mother giving a motivational and rather emotional speech to him? And you guessed it: she had said: “let it be”. The next morning Paul woke up and wrote the phrase down. This is how this legendary song came to existence!


Edgar Allan Poe witnessed his many stories and poems in dreams prior to writing them down. Why don’t you adopt this habit too? Who knows, maybe you are the next Stephen King!

4. Improves Your Memory

Dreams are like a fleeting glimpse…we forget them really quickly. The moment you wake up you still remember what you dreamt of but as soon as you start your day – all these thoughts simply disappear from your head.

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Nevertheless, there is a fun pattern: if you record your dream immediately after you wake up, when you re-read it in the future you will reproduce it in your head perfectly as if you just saw it in your dream. Consider your dream diary as a good memory exercise!

5. Help Observe Your Subconsciousness

A dream diary can help you look into the very subconscious parts of your brain and explore your emotional background. Since our dreams are based on life events, we often see the same characters or places again and again. When you have a diary, you can track your dream patterns and thus attempt to guess what your subconscious self is trying to tell you. Besides, after rereading the records after a long period of time, you can relate their content to certain events in your life.

6. It’s Fun

In fact, do you need a reason to write down your dreams? People spend almost a third of their lives sleeping and sleeping is, of course, useful and necessary, but seeing dreams is a bonus! Take your dreams as fun entertainment, like a good book or movie.


Have you ever had a dream diary before? Let us know in the comments!

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