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10 Reasons To Move Away From Home For University

10 Reasons To Move Away From Home For University

The decision to move away from home for University can be a hard choice to make. But here are all the reasons you should move out!

When deciding which university you want to go to, it will always be hard to decide whether you want to move away from home or not! There are probably more pros to cons for staying at home because at the moment, this is all you know. Your parents cooking your dinner, paying for things, taking you places and ensuring you get there on time, how will you cope without that? How will you get up in the morning and who will wash your clothes?

These being just a fraction of the questions that will be running through your head, well here are our top 10 reasons you should move away for university…

1. Independence

This is no doubt the main factor everyone wants to move away from home for. You may feel too young to be living ‘on your own’ but there will be plenty of others in this boat too, and you can help each other out.


2. The friends you meet will be for life!

Everybody says it, but the friends you meet at university are genuinely for life. And although you’ll make friends if you commute in, they won’t be helping you make pasta for the first time, seeing you hungover before your 9am lecture or sitting up in each other’s room all night watching Netflix. You have a different bond because you’ve been there through it all for each other, the good and the bad.

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3. It might also show you that your friends at home aren’t all that

Even though they may seem the best of friends now and you can’t imagine life without them, you may grow apart if you move away, but this isn’t the end of the world, it just shows that you probably weren’t all as close as you thought. Moving away can be an eye opener for many reasons.


4. Freshers week

The first week is literally about partying! You’ll meet everyone in the same halls as you and you’ll probably meet some of your best friends in this week (you just don’t know it yet!). It’s a chance to explore your new city and campus without any lectures on and if you stay at home to attend a local university you won’t feel part of the ‘freshers’ vibe.

5. Speaking of your new city

A lot of people don’t get the chance to go further than their closest city, but attending university gives you the chance to choose somewhere completely new and different. London, Manchester, Liverpool, Newcastle – the possibilities are endless!

6. Find yourself

As cringe as it is, it’s true. You may think you have it all figured out now you’re 18, but you don’t (truth is, you probably never will have it all figured out!). But attending a university where you don’t know anyone, you can be yourself. Not being around people that have seen you grow up and have you down as a certain person, you’re free to be who you want, whether that means your confidence grows or you can come out as gay, at university everyone is more open.


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7. Responsibilities

Along with your new-found independence comes new responsibilities. The biggest one being learning how to budget, something you probably won’t get to grips with in your three years at uni. Food shopping, clothes washing and bed making, it’s not all fun and games.


8. Lectures

If you have to commute in you’ll be less likely to go, and on the plus side, you’re probably about 5 minutes away from your 9am! Meaning at least an extra hour in bed!

9. Assignments

You may find when it comes to your dissertation or any other major university projects, you’re working every possible hour you can. But when you’re on campus you have access to the library within a five-minute walk – not an hour’s commute. And you’ll find you’re all in the same boat, or the same library at 2am! You won’t feel the pressure to go home or get the last train, which may not seem a big deal now, but you’ll thank me in the future.

10. Finally, the final reason you should move away from home for university, it will genuinely be the best experience you have.

You’ll make friends and memories that last forever, see new places and try things you never thought you would.

What do you think are some reasons to move away from home for University? Tell us in the comments!
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