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10 Reasons To Love Octobers

10 Reasons To Love Octobers

There are so many reasons to love Octobers. We've put together a list of all of the best reasons why you should love this fall month!

L.M. Montgomery once wrote in Anne of Green Gables that she was “so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.” Well, I am too. I have always loved that quote because it really resonates with me. October is one of my favourite months for so many reasons and I am going to give you ten reasons to love it as well and make the most out of it this year! Hopefully you will end up celebrating it with me and next year we all can meet for some bonfires meeting or a picnic in the woods cozied up in the most comfy blankets.

1. Autumn.

Colourful green and brown leaves all around us… Have you gone on a walk during Autumn? It is the most beautiful time of the year for walking around parks and forests. The city is freshly painted and it looks like sunset everywhere. Moreover, you can play in a leaf pile or walk on the crunchy ones and be a child again.


2. Sweaters.

Yes. Autumn weather. Finally! Who does not love a cosy sweater?! Honestly, the fashion world is lucky to have them. So comfy, so nice… It’s time to break those knit ones out again.

3. Halloween.

It’s always so fun and spicy in Octobers! You really get in the mood for watching old Halloween movies or TV shows you always loved as a child. Remember Halloweentown? The Addams Family? Casper? Go watch them! Now!!! And if you get fancy, you can choose one heck of a disguise and slay at any Halloween party in your city.


4. Cosy plans.

Best time of the year to drink some hot spicy tea or coffee while reading a great book cozied up on the couch. If you eat a pumpkin pie before and burn some candles after, you will be enjoying the most Autumn-est plan ever.

5. Bonfires and marshmallows.

Sit next to a bonfire while roasting some marshmallows and we will talk about paradise later on. You and your friends are going to love the plan and if someone wants to sing, even better!


6. DIY Pumpkin Lantern

Best time to get artistic and creative. Try to do a pumpkin lantern to decorate your room and dive into the October spirit more than ever!


7. Lessons.

The beautiful lesson we learn since the beginning of October is seeing the weather teaching us how beautiful and lovely it can be to let go… Pay attention to the leaves and the trees. The answer is there. Let go… And be born again.

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8. Food.

New fruit and vegetables for this season! Pumpkins, squash, chestnusts, mushrooms, apples (try add some caramel!), figs, sweet potatoes, pears, grapes… It’s always so good to give your fridge new gifts.


9. Autumn Festivals and Fairs.

Explore your city because since the beginning of October you will sense a different mood around it. Autumn festivals and fairs are everywhere and you can discover good treasures! Music, farms, new food, new people… Give them a try because they are really worthy!

10. New Beginnings.

Above all, this is a new beginning. Probably the last big beginning until New Year’s Eve. Let go of all that no longer serves you, try new hobbies, build a new routine and give yourself some good Octoberish love! The city looks beautiful, the mood is up for everything, fresh air and spicy candles are everywhere, the weather adjusts to your sensitivity but you are learning, growing and, after all, beginning to be ready for everything. We have to fall first to rise later, remember that.

Also… See what I did there? Fall.


And rise higher after that.

What are your reasons to love Octobers? What do you love most about Octobers? Tell us in the comments!
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