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10 Reasons To Go To University When You Just Can’t Decide

10 Reasons To Go To University When You Just Can’t Decide

Deciding whether or not to go to uni is a big decision. I have always found, like Rory Gilmore, a pros and cons list to be the best way to make a difficult decision. But I'll do half the work for you - here are 10 reasons to go to University.

Deciding to go to University isn’t a decision anyone should take lightly. The cost is immense, for starters – £9,000 a year, and that’s just the tuition fees. When buying anything expensive, you’d do your research first, right? Uni is no different. I have always found, like Rory Gilmore, a pros and cons list to be the best way to make a difficult decision. But I’ll do half the work for you – here are 10 reasons to go to University.

1. Getting a degree.

Okay, this may seem obvious, so let’s get it out of the way first. Some fields absolutely require you to have a degree, such as law, medicine, and the sciences, in order to be employed. While others may not require it by law, many will generally expect their applicants to have a BA. In this economy, anything that will make you more employable is a good investment, right?


2. Meeting new people and making friends.

If you’ve been at the same secondary school for the past seven years, you might be growing a little tired of your clique. University is an excellent place to meet some fresh faces who are generally like-minded people, especially if they’re studying the same subject. Plus, having friends from all over the UK means endless travel opportunities – bonus!

3. Extracurricular opportunities.

Universities are famous for having a society for everything. Cheerleading? Check. Dinosaur Appreciation? Yep. Beekeeping? Yes, really. It’s an awesome way to keep up an existing hobby or to discover a new one. Sometimes this can lead to life-changing opportunities; many Olympic rowers first picked up the sport at uni. See you in Tokyo 2020?


4. Getting away from home.

University is an excellent opportunity to get out of your hometown and explore. So many unis are located in beautiful cities, but even if you’re out in the sticks, just a change of scene can be good for the soul. And here’s a pro tip – the more campuses you visit while you’re making up your mind, the more traveling you get to do. Road trip!


5. Specialising in your favourite subject.

After years of being forced to study things you weren’t particularly interested in, you can finally specialise in the one thing you’re most passionate about. You’ll be sharing lectures with fellow nerds, and learning directly from experts. If you have a true love for your subject and want to pursue it further, uni is the place for you. There are some great reasons to go to university.

6. Having fun!

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, and at uni there will be no shortage of play. On top of nights out, societies and balls, many universities have their own personal traditions. From UEA’s “Pimp My Barrow” to Cambridge’s “Caesarian Sunday,” your university will without a doubt provide you with countless fun memories.


7. Going into academia.

Obsessed with your subject but can’t see it leading to a career? Instead of sacking off university, you might want to think about going into academia. There are ample opportunities for postgraduate study all over the country – but it all starts with that BA. Go and get started!


8. Remember – you don’t have to pay back straight away!

I don’t blame you if the insane tuition fees and maintenance loans are putting you off – they suck and they’re deeply unfair, but we won’t get into that now. What is good news, however, is that you don’t pay anything back until you’re earning £21,000, and even then you won’t really notice it. So yeah, it’s not ideal, but it is doable and in my opinion, it’s still worth it.


9. Delaying adult life.

Because honestly, who’s in a hurry to grow up anyway? University means at least an extra three years before you have to join the real world. I don’t know about you, but I’ll take any opportunity I get. Just make sure you don’t stay too long and turn into that creepy grad student who still shows up at freshers week. *Shudders*


10. Meeting the one…?

According to one study, 1 in 5 Brits meet their partner at university! Okay, spending a minimum of £27,000 for a 20% chance of true love is… somewhat excessive, but the dating world is cruel! Have you been on Tinder lately? So if the idea of catching eyes across the library appeals to you more than being catfished in Nando’s, university might be something to consider. That seems like one of the greatest reasons to go to university to me…

What are your reasons to go to university? Have you made up your mind yet? Let us know in the comments below!
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