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5 Reasons To Get Dry Natural Hair

5 Reasons To Get Dry Natural Hair


Having dry natural hair can be so frustrating! Sometimes you try so many things looking for a remedy but nothing seems to work and you can’t understand what’s going on.

The problem with dry natural hair is that it leads to breakage and unhealthy strands. It is a very common issue among us natural girls as the natural oil that the scalp produces doesn’t go down the strands as easily as it would for straight hair.

There are though certain things you might be doing wrong or your hair needs something extra and that’s why it’s happening to you.


1. You Have Product Build-Up

Product build-up is one of the main causes of natural dry hair. It happens from using too many styling products (gels, leave-ins, creams etc.) that accumulate over time and that plus the natural oil your scalp produces (sebum) form a layer and get stuck in your scalp clogging your pores and not allowing your scalp to breathe and also blocking your hair follicles so the products you put in can’t actually get into it.

There’s also the fact that some products contain certain ingredients like synthetic silicones and waxes that are hard to get rid of from your hair and scalp. If even after a fresh wash out your hair is still lifeless, dull or dry than probably you need to detox or clarify your scalp.


2. Not Moisturizing Properly

There are many things to take into account to avoid natural dry hair, one of them is how and when you moisturize your tresses. Depending on your hair porosity, your tresses might need more or less moisture than what you are already applying to it.

Another factor is whether your hair is color treated and the type of moisturizing you are using. If is a water-based moisturizer, it always has to be followed up by a sealing product like oil or butter to keep the moisture in for longer.

3. Not Deep Conditioning Often

Deep conditioning, deep treatments, and hair masks are food to your hair. You should never skip deep conditioning. I personally do it weekly, it’s part of my Sunday hair care routine but you can do it monthly or twice a month depending on your hair needs and how much time you’ve got in hand.


When you do this you replenish your hair, nourish it and improve its elasticity which will result in healthy hair. If you don’t normally deep condition and you have natural dry hair then you should definitely go for it right now.

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4. You Haven’t Got A Trim In A Long Time

I know you love the length and so do I. I’ve struggled with growing my hair and once is long I just don’t want to trim it even if my ends look like crap! This is a big mistake since it doesn’t allow your hair to retain moisture and just looks like a long curly disaster.

When you get a trim your hair can breathe again, it allows it to retain the moisture, absorb the products better and just looks alive again. You should get a trim every 3 to 6 months, depending on your hair needs.


5. Weather Or Environmental Issues

Sometimes is not you, it’s the weather conditions where you live who don’t cooperate with your hair. It can be the sun, rain, wind or just air pollution, that affect your hair’s health. This is something that you can’t control, what you can control is how much you moisturize, deep condition and protect your hair. Another thing is having hard water but this can be fixed by getting yourself a water filter.

Natural dry hair can be taken care of with the right hair products for you and by analyzing your environment and hair care routine to see what are you missing or what needs to be balanced.
How do you take care of natural dry hair? Tell us in the comments below!
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