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10 Reasons To Fall In Love With Bristol

10 Reasons To Fall In Love With Bristol

10 Reasons To Fall In Love With Bristol

Voted as best city to live in uk for 2017 by The Sunday Times, it’s hard not to be enchanted by Bristol. I clearly remember my first visit. I was barley aware about its existence before choosing it as destination for my 3-days trip. As soon as I arrived, I was amazed about this city and its vibes. I loved everything of that holiday! Therefore, on the plane for coming back I swore to myself to move there one day. And so it was! As soon as I had the chance, I flighted towards Brizzle with one-way ticket. Choice that it’s absolutely impossible to regret.

After first impressions, I discovered other aspects of this amazing city. Here are listed 10 reasons to fall in love with Bristol. Check them out and arrange a visit if you never been yet!

1. Street art as celebration of creativity

Hometown of Banksy, throughout the city you will find walls plenty of his works among of others talented artists. Take a street art tour or just walk around its streets to discover and get lost between all these pieces of art. You will find evocative and thought-provoking decorations which led the Independent to name Bristol as one of the best city for street art in 2016. On top of that, every summer thanks to Upfest, Europe’s largest street art and graffiti festival, the city fills up with creativity from a huge international audience.


2. A lively music scene

Bristol boasts a vibrant and diverse music scene as well as a pretty strong heritage. Indeed, world renowned bands such Massive Attack and Portished were born here. For this reason, you can find some of the best music venue of UK. A city of music artists and for music lovers, it’s easy to come across some gigs every night in almost every pub. Plus, they are often free! From jazz and folk to house and drum and base, every music taste will be surely satisfy.

3. An amazing craft beer scenario

If you are a beer lover, Bristol is absolutely the place for you! In fact, the city, once well-known as cider destination, is now home of some of the best micro breweries of the country. Thanks to the craft beer revolution, the city offer was shaped with an eclectic range of local products that you can find in all the best pubs of the city. On top of that, during September, one of the best beer festivals of UK attracts lots of beer enthusiasts every year.

4. Friendly people everywhere

I don’t know if it was because I was used to Milan people which are always in hurry and often they can appear surly and neurotic, but I was pleasantly surprised of how Bristolians can be so friendly. They are always smiling and ready to have a chat with everyone. Really a plus that positively affects the good vibes that this city emanates.


5. Colourful city

Take a walk along Harbourside or near the Clifton Downs to admire the “colours” of the city. Yeah, here you will see houses painted with candy and bright colours that form all together a sort of pastel rainbow. A lovely visual artwork that will be able to lively stain even the greyest rainy days!

6. Place where countryside and city go arm in arm

If you love nature but you don’t want to renounce to what a city has to offer, don’t worry! Bristol is the perfect place for that. In fact, the city center itself is a thriving cosmopolitan city. However, with a short walk you will be immersed in the countryside. Green hills, rivers, farmers fields and thick forests are right on your doorstep. And if you are going to cycle there, even better!

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7. Its countless festivals

If the reasons above have not convinced you yet, visit Bristol in the warmer months and you will be overwhelmed by the great festivals choice you will encounter. Plus, many of them are free. From food to drink festivals, to music, like Loves Saves the Day, till the famous Bristol Baloon Fiesta: you will have plenty of options in an almost weekly basis.

8. A glorification of locality and independence

I remember of how I was fascinating, during my first visit, to see in which way here the locality is celebrated. In fact, Bristol has also its own currency for encouraging residents to shop local. On top of that, the huge amount of independent boutiques, bars and restaurants reinforces the idea of independence and locality as well as Bristol economy itself.

9. Great nightlife

Wether you love rocking your body under the beats of DJs, enjoying tasty pints listening to some live music or sipping nice cocktails in a fancy bar, Bristol’s nightlife has always something to offer. So, let’s just come and explore its vibrant bars and clubs around the city. You won’t be disappointed!


10. Do you love vintage clothes? No problem!

As a vintage fanatic as I am, I was enchanted straightaway from the numberless of vintage and charity shops around the city. Indeed, Bristol boasts some of the best vintage and second-hand stores of the country, which can satisfy any taste. Plus during weekend times, shopalcoholics have the chance to get lost among all its vintage markets. Let’s come to check them out!

Here are listed 10 reasons to fall in love with this amazing city. Are you thinking to other motivations? Let me know in the comments below!

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