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6 Reasons Romantic Baths Are Better Than Steamy Showers

6 Reasons Romantic Baths Are Better Than Steamy Showers

6 Reasons Romantic Baths Are Better Than Steamy Showers

If you haven’t taken a romantic bath with your partner yet, then dig out the candles and get the water running because it beats showering together any day of the week. Even if you’re not normally a bath person, you’ll love this romantic relaxation way more than the awkwardness of trying to have sex in the shower!

1. You can relax

That feeling of sinking into warm water, accompanied by the sweet scent of candles, the therapeutic swirling of a bath bomb and the sound of gentle love songs and the taste of Baileys over ice, truly awakens all your senses. There’s no better way to end the day with your other half, leaning into them as you both fit yourselves perfectly into the bath. Lay back and rest your head on their chest, close your eyes, and let all your worries sink under the water.

2. Bath bombs

When breaking down the relaxing aspects of romantic baths, bath bombs have the fun element too. Shopping for them is part of the build up to your anticipated romantic bath! Lush cosmetics is the place to go, spoiling you for weird and wonderful choice with seasonal and classic bombs of all colours and smells. Picking one out with your partner means that you’re both happy with the aesthetic and aroma, and makes you look forward to the romantic evening ahead. Watching it fizz and diffuse into the water is exciting and the resulting bath is pretty incredible, making it all the more inviting.


3. Candles

Along with bath bombs, candles are what steamy showers lack and where romantic baths have the edge. Whether you choose one big scented candle (I recommend Yankee) to create that sensory atmosphere, or several little tea lights to make the bathroom glow, candles form an integral part of a romantic bath. Get them burning and switch off the lights – practically the definition of romance.

4. Alcoholic beverage

There’s nothing like a little nightcap to round off the day, and what better setting to have it than in the bath with your partner? Whether you opt for a chilled glass of wine, or a little Baileys over ice, this aspect will make a welcome addition to your romantic bath, bringing taste into the sensual experience.

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5. You don’t get water in your eyes!

When we’re trying to recreate the sexy shower scenes we see in films, we are faced with the reality of a cubicle barely big enough for the two of us to fit into, meaning that we have limited movement. Not only does this make the actual sex part extremely difficult, but it also means we are awkwardly placed under the showerhead, causing water to spray in every direction – mainly into our eyes. We have this hot image of kissing underneath running water, but the truth is your vision is blurred and you end up with a mouth full of water rather than tongue…

6. The sexual gain is far greater

As I’ve already mentioned, shower sex is overrated and even if you manage to find a suitable position, it just doesn’t live up to those film expectations as you find yourself wishing you’d stuck to the reliable bed. This doesn’t mean I’m recommending bath sex (arguably more difficult and guaranteed to flood the bathroom), but the relaxing, sexual atmosphere created by a couples bath is the perfect foreplay. By the time the water goes cold, you’ll be ready to move things to the bedroom (or the bathroom floor if you just can’t wait), just try to dry off first or your sheets will end up a little damper than usual!

Which do you prefer: romantic baths or steamy showers? Tell us why!

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