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5 Reasons Why You Need Retinol Cream

5 Reasons Why You Need Retinol Cream

With so many products on the market you never know what's best for you. Retinol cream is what you need to try and here are 5 reasons why!

Retinol cream seems to be a magic potion that’s too good to be true, but you better believe it! Here are 5 reasons retinol cream saves your skin in the long run. You’ll be ordering yourself a tube of it before you even reach number 5 on the list!

**This article was not written by a skincare expert and if you are in the small percentage of people who react negatively to retinol cream then stop using and consult a doctor.

1. Anti-Aging Properties

Retinol cream has some pretty fantastic anti-aging properties. Oxidization is believed to be one of the leading causes of skin changing, causing the skin to age. Retinol, otherwise known as Vitamin A, is essential to the maintenance of skin. It is an antioxidant which means it neutralizes oxidization effects and helps fight off wrinkles. It reduces existing ones as it increases the production of collagen, making the skin plumper and smoother. As people age, their cell reproduction slows down, but retinol helps speed up cell production making the skin appear younger. Be sure to use retinol cream for 3 to 6 months before you expect to see the best anti-aging results!

5 Reasons Retinol Cream Will Save Your Skin In The Long Run

2. Say Goodbye To Acne

Having something to offer two of the biggest markets within the skincare industry, anti-aging and acne, retinol cream can be pretty versatile! As retinol increases the skin’s cell production, it acts as an exfoliator by removing any dead skin that may be on the skin’s surface. However, it may take up to 6 weeks before noticing any visible reduction in acne. By clearing the skin this way, it is also preventing new acne from forming and even removing acne scars. Which leads us to the next reason why using retinol cream will save your skin in the long run…

3. Have A Better Complexion

Not only can retinol cream reduce or even completely eradicate acne and acne scarring, but it can also give you a clearer and evener complexion. Age spots, which are dark spots that appear on the skin over time, often form as a result of cell production slowing down. A build-up of these dead cells but can be cleared by using retinol since it removes these dead cells and encourages the production of cells. Retinol also reduces any redness that may appear on the skin as a result of acne. It does this by removing the tough old cells and revealing the fresh skin underneath, which tends to have an evener complexion.

5 Reasons Retinol Cream Will Save Your Skin In The Long Run

4. Sensitive Skin Friendly

While all of this information about retinol cream may make it sound like a harsh, aggressive cream to use on your face, don’t be scared away just yet. Retinol is only incompatible with a small percent of people, and can even be a lifesaver for those with skin conditions such as psoriasis and warts. Despite helping to speed up cell production on the skin, for those suffering from psoriasis, retinol helps slow down and balance cell production, easing pain and appearance.

5. It’s Available Over The Counter

Yep, you heard right! As if all of these benefits weren’t good enough, you won’t need to schedule an appointment with your doctor for this since retinol cream is available in most drug stores and online. It’s fairly cheap depending on where you get it, but usually, only costs a couple of pounds depending on what brand you get. It will also help you finally get rid of warts since retinol kills any cell growth of warts.

5 Reasons Retinol Cream Will Save Your Skin In The Long Run

Did you know about all of the amazing benefits of retinol cream that will save your skin in the long run? Do you know any more benefits of using retinol cream? Let us know in the comments!

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