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5 Reasons I’m Excited To Start At Newcastle University

5 Reasons I’m Excited To Start At Newcastle University

Newcastle University is a beautiful school Here's why I'm excited to be a Newcastle University student.Read these reasons I'm excited to start Newcastle.

Newcastle University is a beautiful school. Here are the reasons why I’m excited to be a Newcastle University student.

1. The city

Everyone who came here all agree that Newcastle is a worth living city. The city is not busy ones like London or Manchester but still big enough to make you feel lively. Newcastle’s architecture is the combination of the antique constructions such as the Monument, Theatre Royal and the modern ones like Tyne Bridges. Therefore, walking around the Toon will evoke the nostalgia in the modern city’s rhythm.

Tyne Bridge Credit: Kate Bradley


2. Cost Of Living

The cost of living in Newcastle is relatively cheaper than the major cities. As mentioned, Newcastle is not as massive as London. In here, you can only walk around the city, which saves you great amount of the travelling cost. Moreover, you need to pay at least £1000 to rent a room in central London while you only have to pay for the half of that price in Newcastle. Besides, the price for a dinner out at decent restaurants and dining bars in Newcastle is only one third in comparison with it of London.


3. The Night Out

Students confessed they handed down Newcastle as the firm choice because of the night out. In Newcastle, you have plenty of go-clubbing choices. From the cheesy music and colourful dancing floor in Flare to original techno music and atmosphere in World HQ, it’s up to your preference. One more thing, I can assure you, many clubs in Newcastle are doing the cheapest drinking deals over the rest of the UK.


A Foreplay set at World HQ (Credit: Aaron Carlton)

4. The University

Newcastle University is one of 24 members of Russell Group, a group of leading university in academic excellence and teaching quality in the UK. An upper second class degree from Newcastle will open many future career prospects and opportunities. Majors in Fine Art, Architecture, Classic Civilization, English Language has recently appeared on top 10 of reputable national university ranking chart. The most noticeable alumnus of Newcastle university are Rowan Atkinson (Mr Bean) and Princess Eugenie of York.


Newcastle University's arches (Credit: Nam Hoang)

5. The Beaches

Unlike the middle land cities, Newcastle is very close to the sea. The metro takes around 20 minutes to the breath-taking beach scenes around: Long Sands (Tynemouth), South Beach (Blyth), Northumberland coast. You can do plenty of activities here: BBQ on the beach, summer sunbathing, surfing or just simply walking by in the sunrise.


White Bay Beach (Credit: Kate Bradley)

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