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10 Reasons I Wish I Grew Up Literally Anywhere BUT Battle

10 Reasons I Wish I Grew Up Literally Anywhere BUT Battle

Living in Battle my whole life was a different way of living and also would never change a thing. Here are a few signs you grew up anywhere but Battle.

Some people enjoy the tranquillity of small towns. Its peaceful nature, the beautiful views. But it’s not always the best place to be. It’s a good place to sight see for the day, but to live here is a completely different story. Here are 10 reasons I wish I grew up anywhere but the small, historic town of Battle.

1. Not a lot to do

There are sometimes small fairs, markets and bonfire nights but these are rare. There are a few good shops around if you ever need some retail therapy though.

2. The recreational grounds were the only place you and your friends you could hang out

This was the place everyone wanted to go to on their summery day off so it was usually packed full of groups of people. There is a playground you could go to, which was always the place you went to if you wanted to feel like a kid again (or attempt to get into the swings without getting stuck) but this was only when the park was deserted. So the only option you had was to wander off into the forest.


3. Its history was drilled into your head the moment you started going to school here

Battle is known for its history of the Battle of Hastings, which, was one of the first topics to be taught in my History class when I started secondary school. It was also the first topic for every student who attended my school before and after me.

4. You either went to a private school, or a public school which acted like one

Both of which meant wearing a smart uniform with ties and having strict teachers force strict rules on you which made you anxious about making a wrong move.

5. You knew the town inside and out

It can be a good thing for a while but when you know it for so long, it can get quite dull. For me, I learned the ins and outs of this town through cross country every year. Not to mention a school trip round the whole town, from the church to the Abbey itself during the start my first year of secondary school.


6. All of your friends lived in other towns

Which meant having a long discussion of where you wanted to go, then spending time on public transportation trying to get there. Not to mention researching the times of public transport so you could spend as much time with your friends as possible.

7. Not a lot of job options

If you wanted to get a part time job, you didn’t have a lot of options to choose from. Particularly if you wanted a break from studying before attending university and you wanted a job. If you wanted something interesting or good, you had to move or at least commute to a city to do it.
8. Difficult to fit in

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It’s hard when the community isn’t your age or the only people who are, are people you don’t know. It’s like school, there were always different groups of people and it’s quite hard to make friends if you’re bit of an outsider. If there isn’t anyone you don’t really know, it can feel quite isolating. But when you do fit and finally find your crowd, it just makes life a little bit easier.

9. Everyone knows one another

Although there is a good sense of community here, its not always great to walk into someone you knew from school whilst having a bad day. Particularly walking home from school each day with people went to the same school as all you wanted to do was get away from them.

10. You miss it when you move away

When you move to a city, you miss how quiet the town is. The town, like any other place in the world has its down sides but it has its perks too, unfortunately, you only appreciate them once you’ve left.


 Do you live in Battle? Could you relate to growing up in a small town like this? Tell us in the comments.

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