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5 Reasons Why I Chose To Go To University of Manchester

5 Reasons Why I Chose To Go To University of Manchester

Choosing a university can be a difficult decision, but I know I made the right choice. Here are 5 reasons I chose to go to University of Manchester.

I always knew that I wanted to move to a big city so when I began to consider where to go to university I was drawn to the widely renowned University of Manchester. The bustling city of Manchester can provide all the attractions and wonder that any other city can but with a unique Victorian historical charm. Add to that my other 4 reasons and there really was no other choice!

1. The historical yet forward-looking city of Manchester

The city of Manchester may not be known for its weather but it certainly can boast about everything else. This dynamic northern city may have been established during the 19th century’s industrial revolution but the only thing old fashioned about Manchester is its fantastic Victorian architecture. The city looks towards a bright future with new transport networks such as the Metrolink and new investments augmenting a thriving economy which has recovered more quickly from the 2008 recession than many other UK cities.

2. A range of courses to suit anyones ambitions

The University itself is not to be overshadowed by its vibrant location. The University of Manchester is world-renowned and is one of the top 10 universities in the UK and within the top 100 worldwide; according to the 2016 Academic Ranking of World Universities. The wide range of courses offered is reflected by the size of this university. From Computer science to Biochemistry and from Law to Linguistics the university can cater to any student’s interests. Many courses allow you to choose between many optional lecture series to tailor the course to your specific interests and plenty of opportunities are provided by masters degree programmes, work placements and sandwich courses for extracurricular development.



3. Modern facilities for chilling and for studying

The university itself is the largest single-site university in the whole of the UK and so has a wide variety of cafes, study spaces and technical facilities to support you whilst you study. Cafes and take-aways on campus provide a diverse culinary experience whether you prefer to get a succulent burger with fries from the University Place cafeteria or a vegetable-packed quiche from the Greenhouse café. Your learning is well supported with the usual computer spaces and libraries located throughout the campus, but also by the unique Alan Gilbert Learning Commons which on top of a silent study space and many computers can provide tired students a well-deserved rest via one of its sleeping pods! Any scientists in the making will appreciate the cutting-edge National Graphene Institute and budding poets will find themselves lost in the neo-Gothic John Rylands library.

4. A cooperative atmosphere and student engagement

Your wellbeing is well looked after with a “ResLife” team in all halls of accommodation to help you settle in and resolve disputes with your neighbours. The active Student Union regularly campaigns to improve student wellbeing and is not afraid to protest the University when needs be. Joining a Student run society is a great way to meet likeminded people and to hang out. Whether you’re an international student who wants to meet other students from the same background, a star athlete or want to make yourself heard in a political society you are sure to find something which interests you. The union encourages you to give back to the community by advertising volunteering opportunities on the Volunteering hub website. Volunteering is not just a way to improve your CV but to let you make the a little bit better.

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5. From the nightlife to high culture

When you’re not busy studying or hanging out with tour mates you should head into the city centre to experience everything that Manchester can offer. You could get lost in over 200 different stores in the Arndale shopping centre, spend a night out rocking and rolling at the Academy live music venue or visit the Palace theatre for show-tunes or a gripping drama. Certainly you won’t be bored if you make it to Manchester.

Which of the reasons I chose to go to University of Manchester do you agree with? Comment below!
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