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15 Reasons For Avoiding Relationships

15 Reasons For Avoiding Relationships

Here are 15 reasons for avoiding relationships, from time to feelings to love. If you relate to any of these points then you shouldn't look to get into a relationship any time soon.

There can be many reasons for avoiding relationships. You might not be ready, you might not have the time, any many other factors. If any of the below reasons apply to you then you shouldn’t look into getting into a relationship any time soon, as it’s unlikely to end well.

1. You Like The Idea Of Them Rather Than Them

If you have invented your own idea of the person you’re seeing, maybe thought about the things you’ll do together and the things they’ll say and their feelings, chances are you’re holding them up on a pedestal and to standards they can’t reach. If you like the idea of them, rather than the real them, you should be avoiding relationships.

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2. You’re Relying On Them For Happiness

If you aren’t happy in yourself and rely on the opinions and love of a significant other to give you happiness and meaning in life, then you should be avoiding relationships. No relationship will be successful if you need the other people to be happy.

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3. You Want A Relationship For The Sake Of It

If a relationship is just another thing to tick off your bucket list and you want one because you feel like you should have one, then you should be avoiding relationships. You should actually want a relationship with a specific person otherwise your relationship won’t end well.


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4. You Need To Focus On School/Work

If you need to focus on school, work, or personal development, then you don’t have time for a successful relationship. You should be avoiding relationships, because you should focus on yourself and your own life first, in order to be the best that you can be.

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5. Long Distance

Long distance relationships can be hard, and if you think you’ll struggle too much being unable to spend time with them, then you should be avoiding relationships. Getting into relationships under these circumstances means a risk of emotional harm for both of you, as they can create a strain on relationships, and it won’t end well.

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6. You’re Selfish

If you aren’t ready to take someone else’s feelings into account and care for another person then you should be avoiding relationships. Relationships require compromise and putting someone else first. It’s not a bad thing to be selfish, but you shouldn’t string someone along as you’ll probably end up hurting your partner.


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7. You Find Yourself Attracted To Everyone

If you’re finding yourself attracted to and interested in everyone with no prejudice, then chances are you aren’t ready for a relationship. You’re probably not ready to devote yourself to one person, and probably just like the idea of a relationship rather than any specific person, in which case you should be avoiding relationships.

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8. Not Ready For Commitment

Like the above point, if you’re not ready for commitment to one person then you should probably be avoiding relationships. It’s better for anyone you might end up seeing as their feelings aren’t harmed.

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9. Still Not Over Past Relationships

If you’re still not over a past relationship, then you should be avoiding future relationships. If you still have feelings for someone else you won’t be able to give all of yourself to your new partner, which is unfair for them.


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10. If You’re Not Ready To Trust Someone

If you have had bad experience of relationships in the past and you struggle to trust someone then you should be avoiding future relationships, in order to prevent a failed relationship and hurting yourself or someone else.

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11. Expectations

If you expect too much of someone then you’ll end up getting hurt. You can’t expect someone to be the perfect person, and if you’re expectations of romance are too high then you should be avoiding relationships to avoid disappointment and failed love.

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12. If You Feel Happier On Your Own

If you’re happy on your own then don’t feel pressured to get into a relationship. No relationship will be successful if you aren’t feeling it.

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13. You Can Barely Take Care Of Yourself

If you can barely take care of yourself, physically and emotionally, then you should be avoiding relationships. You can’t devote your time to someone else if you need to focus on yourself.


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14. Impatience

If you’re so impatient for love that you’ll date anyone who pays attention to you then chances are you should be avoiding relationships.

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15. You Don’t Envision A Future With Them

If you don’t envision a future with someone then you should be avoiding relationships, especially if they do.

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Do you relate to any of these reasons for avoiding relationships? Let us know in the comments below.
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