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Really Want To Talk To That Gym Crush? Here Are Some Tips On What ‘Not’ To Do

Really Want To Talk To That Gym Crush? Here Are Some Tips On What ‘Not’ To Do

Want to talk to them without making yourself out sound like another creep in the gym? Then check out these tips on what 'not' to do!

Sometimes it’s hard not to get slightly infatuated- the way she gets deep into that squat, or how his arm looks when he’s doing his curls… there’s nothing sexier than fitness! It’s only natural to work up a bit of a gym crush – but how do you approach them? And how do it in a way that DOESN’T make you out to be another creep in the gym?

It’s no easy task when most people at the gym are there to bust a sweat and not be seen as a Tinder match.  So before you decide to wipe yourself down and make that walk over, here is the best advice on what ‘not’ to do while trying to make that first impression on your crush.

Making your entrance…

Let’s first start with somewhat of a pre-measure: there’s nothing worse than seeing someone at gym try to talk to another when still in mid-exercise. ‘That’s obvious’ you say? Well, you might be surprised how many people actually do this. So for those still unaware, just imagine this: your laying flat and fixed on a gym bench while performing some chest presses, when suddenly you see a random figure appear over you- they make a cheesy joke and so (just to be polite) you feel you have to force a fake laugh and maybe a shaky word or two while still juggling with that weight in your hands…  It doesn’t make for the best ice breaker. Rather it could be a sure way of making them throw in their membership quick!


No posing contests

Whoa, slow down there champ… just because I mentioned we were all guilty of liking a bit of skin now and then doesn’t give you permission to put on a show. Trying to show off those gains will only make things awkward for you and uncomfortable for your gym crush. Though we all love to look great, gym goers are there foremost to embody ‘fitness’. For instance, if you ask a stranger at the gym for some guidance- more often than not you’ll get a fitness devotee more than willing to go out of their way to ensure you’re on the right path to success.
What’s hot: somebody displaying warrior levels of courage, perseverance, hard work and compassion.
What’s not hot: someone who constantly seeks attention and shows no concern for anyone but themselves.

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Don’t be a know-it-all

I get it, so why not come across as a nice, all-caring guy or girl? Clearly, your gym crush will appreciate the gesture of you trying to give them a hand, and at the very least they’ll be getting that little bit extra out their workout? Wrong. In fact, in more cases than not you might end up just insulting somebody. Sorry to break it to you guys, but most girls who have made the decision to go about gymming on their own will likely know how to look after themselves – they’re not some damsel in need of rescue. On the other hand, girls- a guy’s ego can be a delicate thing… one wrong word about his form and you could have him looking at you like you’d just drank his protein shake.


Killing the vibe

You can’t deny the gym would be a much more boring place without music – it’s an essential part of working out. There’s a number of reasons to why people choose to bring along their Beats or Bose to the gym, whichever way; don’t be the one to think repeatedly waving your gym crush from their playlist is being friendly. Soon enough they’ll be rolling their eyes more than a cross fitter kipping through pull-ups. If you’re lucky, your crush might actually fall into the category of those who don’t wear headphones at the gym (advantage: you) – but if you’re not so lucky, you will just have to be a little more selective with your first ‘hello’.

Have you ever had a crush at the gym? How what was your experience approaching that person? Comment below and help out a fellow comrade!

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