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Top 10 Rating Of Ben And Jerry’s Flavours To Stock Your Summer Freezer

Top 10 Rating Of Ben And Jerry’s Flavours To Stock Your Summer Freezer

Top 10 Rating Of Ben And Jerry's Flavours To Stock Your Summer Freezer

Ben and Jerry’s have the wackiest and most adventurous ice cream flavours on the market, but we are now overwhelmed with choice when we stare into the supermarket freezer to try and pick one. Hopefully, this ranking of the top 10 flavours will cut 10 minutes off your shopping time!

1. Half Baked

This flavour has everything you could possibly as for in one tub: Vanilla ice cream; chocolate ice cream; chocolate chip cookie dough; and fudge brownies. It combines the two classic flavours of Cookie Dough and Chocolate Fudge Brownie – an ingenious idea.

2. Cookie Dough Switch Up

Ben and Jerry’s twist on the classic Cookie Dough which definitely beats the original! The not so subtle modifications such as the cookie dough chunks being encased in a chocolatey sandwich and sharing the pot with their better half: the chocolate chip cookie dough, make this a stand-out flavour. It’s cookie heaven!


3. Empower Mint

Arguably a lesser known flavour of the Ben and Jerry’s collection, Empower Mint is for those who can’t get enough of that fresh minty flavour. The base of the mint ice cream is broken up with those gooey chocolate brownies that we all know and love and a chocolate fudge swirl for good measure. Highly recommend.

4. Chocolate Fudge Brownie

Being one of Ben and Jerry’s very first flavours, it forms the basis of many more exotic flavours. It’s the best chocolate ice cream in supermarkets, purely for those famous brownies hiding in the chocolate tub of dreams, just waiting to be devoured. It’s far too easy to demolish the entire tub in one sitting…who’s guilty?

5. Bob Marley’s One Love

In a tribute to the legend himself, this Jamaican inspired banana ice cream is a real treat. Trickled with caramel swirls and dotted with fudge peace signs (not too dissimilar from the fish shapes in Phish Food), you’re transported to a tranquil Jamaican beach when you slide the first delicious spoonful into your mouth. Relax and turn up Bob Marley on your speaker.


6. Cookie Dough

This renowned flavour had to make it onto the list. Although not as out there as some of the previous concoctions, sometimes the saying less is more is quite true. Enjoy the simplicity of the sweet cookie dough pieces encased in the ice cream and the absence of overpowering chocolate. Yum.

7. Peanut Butter Cup

At the opposite end of the extravaganza scale comes this crazy niche flavour for peanut butter lovers. The sickliness isn’t for everyone, but this tasty peanut butter ice cream with peanut butter cups is a certain peanut butter overload on the taste buds.

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8. Blondie Brownie Core

Another mashup, this combination of chocolate and vanilla ice cream with both chocolate brownie chunks and blondie brownie chunks is innovative and unique to the ice cream world. Divided by a salted caramel core down the middle, this aesthetic is definitely the most exciting when you remove the lid and gaze at the perfectly untouched top. Not to mention the variety of textures and tastes when you inevitably make a dent in that beautiful surface within three seconds of opening it…

9. Strawberry Cheesecake

Reserved for a hot summer’s day, this desert in ice cream form is refreshingly good. It’s super sweet so you’re able to more easily refrain from devouring the whole tub, with strawberry pieces tiny biscuit base crumbs of delight swirled throughout.

10. Phish Food

Possibly the most famous of the Ben and Jerry’s flavours, Phish Food comes in at number 10, that unique marshmallow swirl can’t go unrecognised. Paired with caramel swirls, it’s what gives this flavour its extra gooeyness and makes it so much more than just chocolate ice cream with extra big fish shaped chips.


What’s your favourite Ben and Jerry’s flavour? Tell us if you agree with this top 10 ranking!

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