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10 Of Rami Malek’s Greatest Outfits

10 Of Rami Malek’s Greatest Outfits

10 Of Rami Malek's Greatest Outfits

Rami Malek is an Egyptian- American actor mainly known for his role as Elliot Alderson in Mr Robot and Freddie Mercury in Bohemian Rhapsody earlier this year.

But he’s also known for having a pretty dope fashion sense and here is a list of some of his greatest outfits.

1. Statement Jackets

The actor wore a white t-shirt with tailored black trousers and shoes but made this outfit great my adding a statement checkered blazer and ended up looking both comfortable and fashionable.


Rami Malek wore this look when attending the Calvin Klein Collection fashion show at the New York Stock Exchange on the 11th  September 2018, NY City.

2. Statement Trousers

Rami Malek has turned a low-key outfit into a statement piece by opting for statement checkered trousers as opposed to black ones in this look.

3. Layering

Layering! If you know me then you’ll probably know that I am a huge fan of layering. I think it can work in any season and always looks incredibly smart and chic.


Through the power of layering, Rami Malek has managed to transform a simple (Mr Robot style) outfit by adding a nude coat over his black hoodie and jeans.

4. One Colour Suit

Rami Malek debuted this Dior – Homme all-red suit at the Met Gala in 2017. Fashion experts from GQ loved this bold look and claimed he was the best-dressed man at the event.

The red and black compliment each other really well and it’s fair to say that he has pulled off this look perfectly.


5. Print

Anna Wintour once said that you should never wear all black and I think Rami Malek was taking notes, hence the jacket.

I think it’s also safe to say that the Mr Robot star is the King of making a statement through fashion. He has managed to spice up a completely black outfit by adding a black and white printed jacket.

6.Double Denim and Print

Let’s be real, not everyone can pull off double denim and a printed shirt, but Rami Malek manages to do it effortlessly. The wide-fit boyfriend jeans and the dark blue denim jacket compliment each other perfectly. To be honest, although the printed shirt seems like a really bold choice, a plain t-shirt would have washed this outfit out completely. So the print was actually a pretty good call and I’m taking notes.

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7. Blouse

The high-waisted grey trousers compliment the black and white blouse perfectly. However, the best thing about this outfit has to be that its gender neutral as well as being simple, sleek and stylish.

8. Polo Shirts

I think it’s quite hard to style polo-shirts because a lot of us associate them with our old p.e kit from school. But Rami Malek has literally pulled it off by pairing a printed polo-shirt with black trousers and a blazer. The printed polo shirt makes a formal evening look a lot more casual and fun.


9. Sweaters

More layering! This outfit features a dark blue shirt, a v-neck sweater and beige trousers. I think this look is particularly bold because it’s clear that Malek is not afraid to use colour in order to express himself through fashion.

10.  A True Fashion Icon

Throwback to Night in the Museum, 2006.



Rami Malek is an unexpected fashion icon but he has earned this title because he manages to add a personal and unique touch to everything he wears. He doesn’t pay close attention to gender rules and isn’t afraid to take fashion risks, I mean who knows, maybe he really is Freddie Mercury?

Let us know what your favourite outfit was in the comments below!

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