Rachel Green’s Top 10 Looks From Friends

It is well known throughout society that Rachel Green was, and still is, one of the most fashionable characters to ever grace our screens. Her style was simultaneously very ’90s and timeless, it was her waitress wardrobe that caught the public’s eye, but every look she wore – whether it be formal, sporty, slouchy or every day – was put together expertly and has been imitated by millions for the past 25 years. In celebration of this month being the quarter-century anniversary of the beginning of Friends, we have compiled a list of the top 10 looks Rachel wore during her run of Friends:

1. The Wedding Dress

‘Pilot’ Season 1, Episode 1: Is there anything more iconic than Rachel’s first entrance into Friends? Yes, there is – her wedding dress. The off-the-shoulder bodice with beaded pearls and matching headdress is a show stopper, perfect for a stylish runaway bride!

2. The Pink Shirt

‘Pilot’ Season 1, Episode 1: Yes, another outfit from the first episode, but we couldn’t skip this one. Rachel’s bushy hair and knotted, millennial pink shirt paired with high-waisted mom jeans cemented her as the style icon of this show.

3. Christmas Waitress

‘The One With The Monkey’ Season 1, Episode 10: Rachel had many waitress outfits to choose from, and it was hard to whittle many amazing outfits down to just one, but this Christmas themed one came out on top. The red, off-the-shoulder top with the cute and Christmas-y checker apron makes fashion out of waitressing.

4. Plaid Skirt

‘The One Where The Monkey Gets Away’ Season 1, Episode 19: This is one of the outfits which people everywhere fell for, the school-girl styled plaid skirt paired with a cropped roll neck jumper and below the knee socks made for a 90s fashion dream!

5. Clip-on Skirt Dress

‘The One Where Rachel Finds Out’ Season 1, Episode 24: Rachel chose this outfit to try and get Ross, and we see why! This clip-on skirt started a new trend of high-low dresses everywhere.

6. Dungarees

‘The One When Joey Moves Out’ Season 2, Episode 16: Much like the waitressing outfits, Rachel had a series of dungaree looks to choose from, however, I think this one from season 2 might be our favourite. The khaki shirt is cute, but the acid wash dungarees let down from the waist are to die for!

7. Green Dress

‘The One Where No One’s Ready’ Season 3, Episode 2: In this episode, Rachel took the whole 30-minute run deciding what to wear, and I think we can say for everyone that she made the right choice by choosing this green dress – has she ever looked better?

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8. Sporty Outfit

‘The One With The Football’ Season 3, Episode 9: She may not be able to catch or throw the ball, but Rachel can put together an outfit for anything, even a football game! Although every part of this outfit is so cute, the two plaits with a backwards cap is a winner.

9. Grey Suit

‘The One Where They’re Going To Party’ Season 4, Episode 9: Since Rachel started working in the fashion world and working her way up the industry ladder, we were witness to many beautiful suits and other work apparel. This one button, baggy blazer and matching trousers has to be our favourite though.

10. Sheer Black Dress

‘The One With Rachel’s Crush’ Season 4, Episode 13: Everybody needs a little black dress, but take inspiration from Rachel and make it a sheer one with embroidered flowers on it. Also, whoever said little black dresses were for going out? You can wear them to work, to the coffee shop, anywhere!

Which Rachel Green look is your favourite? Comment in the section down below!

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Sylvie Therezien

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