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5 Quick Hangover Hacks To Survive At Work The Day After

5 Quick Hangover Hacks To Survive At Work The Day After

Allow us to bestow upon you, the gift of five, yes five, quick and easy hangover hacks to survive the morning after the night before.

If you’ve ever partied too hard and felt like you were dying at work the next day, this one’s for you! While we’re still young, it’s almost expected that we go out with friends, party on the weekend and drink a wee bit more than we should. But, as we get older, some of us – the more sensible lot, develop methods and routines to prevent feeling like a zombie the next day, especially if you have a class or a full day of work ahead. Allow us to bestow upon you, the gift of five, yes five, quick and easy hangover hacks to survive the morning after the night before.

1. Eat BEFORE You Drink!

This one’s a no brainer, really. Do make sure you’ve had a decent meal at least an hour before you start on the tequila shots and espresso martinis. Alcohol enters your bloodstream quite quickly through the wall of your stomach. So, eating healthy fatty foods such as salmon and avocado will definitely help you feel more full and will slow the rate of alcohol passing into your bloodstream, allowing for a longer buzz and less zombie in the morning.

2. Stop Drinking at MIDNIGHT!

Quick hangover hack number 2! If you and your friends, normally call it a night at 2am, it’s wise to stop drinking a couple of hours in advance. You’ll still be drunk, promise – that’s not how sobering up works – but those couple of hours will give your body a break and allow it to start getting rid of the excess alcohol without you adding to it with. Now would also be a good time to start drinking water, which brings us to our next quick hangover hack.


3. I’ll Have a Cosmo and a Glass of Water!

Quick hangover hack number 3!  One or two glasses alongside your cocktail will keep you stay hydrated, preventing the dreaded hangover headache in the morning. Did you know it’s caused by dehydration and lack of electrolytes? Water won’t sober you up-  that is a myth. You can’t replace the alcohol with water and just go to the bathroom. But drinking water should stop you from turning into a zombie!

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4. Don’t Get Greasy Food Afterwards…

Even if your friend who never gets hangover’s swears by eating greasy chips and a big old kebab, it won’t work. If anything it’s just added calories to all the sugar you’ve consumed with your cocktails and wine. Chicken is proven to aid your liver in metabolising the alcohol enzymes so, if you are adamant about getting anything from the chippy, make sure it’s got unprocessed chicken in it. Bonus hack! If you made plans to be out, buy a ready meal (one with chicken in it!) and whack it in the microwave as soon as you get in. 


5. Electrolytes!

The final quick hangover hack is the most useful one. You will definitely need to do this right before you go to bed to ensure you don’t wake up feeling like the undead with a hangover. Drink a pint of water (533 ml) with a rough pinch of salt and/or the squeeze of half a lemon. Your body loses salt and potassium when you drink a lot so replacing them is necessary. It will taste awful, but your body and liver will forgive you in the morning when it’s hydrated and not drained of vital electrolytes. Bonus! If you have multivitamins, take one with the water to boost the vitamins that were depleted with your drink.

If there’s one thing to learn from these hacks, it’s that water is key to making sure you don’t spend the next day sat like a mummy at work! What are your go-to quick hangover hacks? Let us know in the comments!

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