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5 Quick Carry-On Bag Hacks To Travel Like A Pro

5 Quick Carry-On Bag Hacks To Travel Like A Pro

Are you planning your next holiday? If the answer is yes then you definitly need to learn about these five quick and easy tips to pack like a pro!

If you are about to go on holiday there are two things you can do when it comes to your suitcase: you can either restrain yourself from bringing your entire wardrobe and just pick and choose what you consider a necessity, or you can get strategic with these 5 carry-on bag hacks that will make sure you are able to use every inch of space available for your next holiday.

1. Don’t fold up your clothes, roll them instead

This is a super straight-forward hack that everyone should know by now. However, if you didn’t know, rolling your clothes instead of folding them the way you would usually do takes a lot less space in your bag.


2. Stuff your shoes with socks

Shoes take quite a lot of space, especially if you are traveling with a small carry-on bag, so why not use them as storage? You can put a few pairs of socks (or even underwear) in a small plastic bag and then put that inside your shoes.

3. Buy XL plastic Ziploc bags to store your clothes

Ok so this one sounds a bit odd but bear with me as this was the hack that saved me the most space on my recent two-week trip. I can guarantee that rolling up your clothes will save you space, however putting your folded clothes into a Ziploc bag and then slowly taking out the air from the bag before closing it will save you incredible amounts of space.

The process is easier than it sounds, I swear. Fill up the bag to the point where it’s still easy enough to close (Extra tip: I suggest buying the biggest bags you can find, IKEA sells quit big ones). Then put something heavy on the bag (or you could just easily sit on it) leaving out the part you will need to close, to take all the air out. Once the air is out quickly close the Ziploc and, there you have it, your clothes are now occupying the least amount of space they can be, because they are vacuumed into the bag.


I suggest also bringing with you another extra pair of bags, for dirty clothes or in case one of them rips.

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4. Switch to travel-size bottles

This one is also quite straight-forward. If you are traveling with a smaller suitcase you need to switch to travel size-bottles (especially if you are flying, as you cannot have liquids that are more then 100ml). However, if you need more of a product than the small travel-size version, just fill up two little bottles instead.

You can easily find travel-size versions of your favorite beauty products at Boots, Sephora and many other places.

5. Use cling wrap to store necklaces

Another unusual hack that will not just save space, but mainly you will nit have to untangle all your necklaces when you reach your destination. You will just need to cut a piece of cling wrap and space out your necklaces on top of it. Then, cut another piece of film and place it on top, covering the necklaces completely. Lastly, you will make sure to seal the spaces between the items. Now roll it up and you can just leave it as it is or place it in a make-up bag. Repeat to your heart’s content.


If you have mastered these 5 quick and simple ways to pack, you can now call yourself a pro and plan your next holiday. Comment down below with your favorite little hack from the list above, and with any new hacks we didn’t mention.

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