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10 Quick And Healthy Egg Breakfast Recipes

10 Quick And Healthy Egg Breakfast Recipes

Making breakfast in the morning isn't always a priority, but make sure not to skip out on any of these easy and healthy egg breakfast recipes!

Nothing speaks versatility like someone who can even get up on time and make breakfast, let alone eggs. Sustenance is of the essence in the morning time, and as hard it can be getting up an extra 15 minutes early, it can all be worth it with these super quick, easy and egg-cellent breakfast ideas (lol, sorry not sorry). Keep reading for 10 quick and healthy egg breakfast recipes!

1. Scrambled

Throw them in a pot with a scoop of butter and a drop of milk, and stir like your life depends on it! Put some dried mixed herbs in the mix too if you’re feeling fancy, pop on some toast and hence, scrambled eggs on toast.

2. Poached

For those who like to multi-task, like grabbing coffee while brushing your hair; crack open the eggs and put them in the poaching dish saucepan, and if your mother happens to have one, steal it. They can cook away for about 10 minutes with the boiling water underneath while you get the rest of your things ready. Simply pop them out and dash a little salt and pepper on. Yum.


3. Boiled

Another time-saver, and less effort than poaching. Bring some water to the boil in a pot, pop the eggs in for 2 or 5 minutes, depending if you want the insides gooey or not. Take them out and crack them open, and dip some toast in the golden white goodness.

4. Omelette

Not for the faint-hearted; but if you’re brave enough to flip it over without the fear of it sticking to the ceiling or landing on your head, go for it. Mix two or three eggs in a bowl, salt and pepper and herbs, and finish with ham and cheese. Pour it onto a low heat pan and watch the cheese go all gooey and golden. Basically like a breakfast pizza.

5. Fried

Fastest of all, literally crack it open into a hot pan and watch the sizzling for a calming feeling.


6. Pancakes

Chopped banana, two eggs, cinnamon, and a little sugar; mix it with some damn elbow-grease. Pour in a hot pan and savour the smell of banana and sugar. Protein and potassium in one hit!

7. Egg Drink

For the gym bunnies out there. Mix a glass of milk, an egg, a banana or orange, spoon of sugar and pop in the blender for two minutes. Full of protein and energy, and will set your body up for the day ahead.

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8. Egg Sammich

Delicious and smelly, egg sandwiches are the best. Boil some eggs so they’re hard boiled, then mash with some mayonnaise, herbs and a little onion, and pop into wholemeal bread. Who cares if you stink of onion if you’ve got a full tummy and a smile on your face?

9. Alternative Egg Sammich

Instead of mashing hard boiled eggs, slice them up and put them in a bagel with some relish and lettuce. Healthy af and you’ll be stuffed too, so no snacking on junk.

10. Eggy Burrito

Similar to the making of the humble scrambled egg, egg burritos are scrambled eggs mixed with peppers, onions, various veggies, and barbeque sauce. Scoop it all up into a wrap and you can munch while walking to the bus.

These are 10 quick and healthy egg breakfast recipes! Let me know what you thought in the comments below!
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