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10 Questions You Need To Ask Yourself To Choose Your Career

10 Questions You Need To Ask Yourself To Choose Your Career

Are you still deciding what to do after college? Discover more about the career that is right for you by answering these 10 simple questions.

‘Who would you like to be?’ is probably the most common question people ask you before you’re 25 – and even after that, if they are not satisfied by your answer…. Choosing a career is no piece of cake! You have to know yourself pretty well, and go through difficult experiences both on the professional and personal level to understand what profession is really made for you. The difference between having a 9-5 job and a profession is that a 9-5 job pays the bills, whereas your profession fulfils you and makes your life worth living.

Here are 10 questions you should ask yourself to choose your career.

1. What was my favourite subject at school?

What subject at school made you happy? And what made you want to get up really early in the morning and go to class besides your friends? Getting in touch with your inner child is very important, as your adult life is deriving directly from your childhood experiences.


2. Who are my role models?

Role models have a big impact on your psyche. First, they help you understand what you like. Then, they can have an influence on your style, your behaviour,  on certain choices you make. Never say never, but somebody who holds Steve Jobs for a god will not have the same life goals as a Ricky Martin fan. Because you may get inspired or copy to a certain extent your role models – they have traits that you admire.

3. What is my parents’ profession?

This is an important question as it informs you from which background you are coming from. Sometimes, you want to achieve more than your parents did, and having a good and prosperous career becomes a prerogative. That drive pushes you to move mountains, and gives you enough ambition to overcome any obstacle blocking your way. However, if you don’t share this feeling, you might end up doing something you love and follow your instinct, rather than think of the profit. And if you are really really lucky, you get to make a profession out of your passion.

4. What are my hobbies?

Once again, it has to do with what you like and what you dislike. The pertinent question here is: what do you hate actually. Sometimes you don’t know what is good for you, but you certainly know what is bad. We tend to live our lives according to our feelings. It is important to understand what can make you happy professionally speaking.


5. How do I see myself in 5 years?

Very interesting question indeed. You might think that this question is pure nonsense as nobody knows, right? Well, it is true but it is certainly no-nonsense… ask yourself where you want to be and how you want to live. Make a list if it helps you and ask your friends.

6. What are my skills?

You will have to ask yourself this when you write a CV. Make a list of all the practical things you can do. You have to know your strengths and your weaknesses. Anticipating is key! And remember that you can always improve yourself, but you need to know at what first! As well, think about the skills that are required in your dream job: learning a new language…

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7. What do people praise me for?

This is the moment to listen to what other people say! Sometimes if you have a talent, it is so obvious to you that you don’t even think of bragging about it. In the professional world, you often have to be assertive and put clearly forward your X factor.

8. Am I a creative person?

This is important as you need to understand if you are the working-in-an-office type or an outdoors type. It has absolutely no sense to work in an office if you just cannot stand it. Or if your dream job requires it, try to find a compromise. If you feel that you don’t fit, that nothing is good enough for you or that you don’t like anything, maybe it is because you are an entrepreneur – ask yourself if yo would like to start your own business.

9. Is money important for me?

Money is an important issue. Where is the right balance between surviving and decently living? When you choose a specific career it might be clever to think about that. Sometimes you might have to live on your savings for a little while – real estate agent- before seeing any profit. And sometimes you just need to looove money and power to go up the social ladder. Are you ready to sacrifice anything for money?


10. Am I a people pleaser?

There is nothing wrong if you are, but it is always good to know – for your own sake. In certain positions – especially managerial ones-  you have to be tough at times, and take unpopular decisions. Some people cannot deal with the fact of being disliked. You might think of a job that suits you personality wise. If you want to work in fashion or retail, being a people pleaser can be perceived as a strength, whereas in finance, simply shouldn’t be.

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