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Here’s All The Questions To Ask On A Second Date

Here’s All The Questions To Ask On A Second Date

Have you ever had a really good first date and don't know if the second will be as good? Here are a list of questions to ask on a second date so it is!

Ever wondered what to say on a second date? With the initial nervous meeting over, it seems as though there’s nothing more to add to the conversation. Well, don’t despair! We’ve put together a list of great questions to ask on a second date to help you understand more about your partner and bond with them like never before. It’s time to get a bit more serious as you delve deeper into what could potentially be the relationship of a lifetime.

1. Do you remember mentioning [insert topic here] when we last met?

If you’re completely out of ideas or just a bit shy at first, you could always refer your date to something interesting they may have said during your first chat. That way, they’ll be induced to talk a bit more about themselves (admit it, we all love doing that) and you will have some common ground to fall back on.

2. Where do you see yourself in five years?

By drawing attention to their goals and aspirations, you will be able to discover more about what your partner really wants to do with their life. This way, you’ll have a better understanding of how much you have in common and be able to determine whether they are right for you. This is one of the more basic ones but still one of the great questions to ask on a second date!


3. What’s the funniest thing you remember doing?

By evoking a happy and funny memory, you will lighten the atmosphere and brighten up everyone’s mood. Laughter is an incredible way of bonding and making the two of you feel comfortable around one another. What’s more, sharing fun experiences is a great way to learn about each other’s lives and the things that you value the most.

4. Which things do you think we have in common?

Another great question to ask in order to establish closer contact with your date. It’s important to know how they see you as a person, and there’s no better way to find out than to covertly ask them to describe you. This question will also reveal what they value in themselves and other people, which will help you better understand the way in which they see others.

5. What do you value most in a relationship?

Don’t worry, this isn’t too serious to ask. Once you’ve decided to meet up for a second date, you’ve already realised that you like each other and want to get to know one another better. At this point, you shouldn’t be afraid to ask questions that probe into their views on partners and relationships. It’s important to know whether or not the two of you are compatible.


6. What do you think are my best characteristics?

Sometimes it’s not that easy to outright compliment someone, whereas this question makes this much easier to accomplish. It could be interpreted in many different ways, which makes it even more exciting. By asking this on a second date, you’ll be able to learn more about how your partner sees you and what they value most about you at this point in your relationship.

7. What was your childhood like?

Questions about their past and in particular about their childhood memories are a great way to establish a deeper connection with your date. By asking them about their younger years and their relationship with their parents, you will find out more about the kind of person that they are and the background that they grew up in. Who knows, you may even discover certain similarities about your histories!

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8. What were your past relationships like?

Don’t be scared to ask about their previous relationships. Finding out about their past experiences with other partners is a good way to figure out what kind of relationship they’re really after. By getting them to speak of their breakups and heartbreaks, you’ll learn more about their definition of the perfect partner and have a better understanding of what they really dislike in a relationship. This is one of the important questions to ask on a second date to get to know the person better!

9. What do you feel most grateful for in your life?

This is another great question to get to know your partner better. By asking this on a second date, you’ll open up a conversation about their past and their most treasured memories. It will help you find out more about their values and beliefs, which will reveal whether or not the two of you are similar and share the same views on life.

10. What do you regret not doing the most?

Quite often we don’t do things and later regret that missed opportunity. By asking your date about what they regret not doing the most, you can form a better understanding of their past life and possibly find some more common ground.


What do you think of these questions to ask on a second date? Let us know in the comments below!

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