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15 Questions To Ask Any New Housemate

15 Questions To Ask Any New Housemate

Choosing someone to live with can be stressful, but whatever your situation, here are 15 questions you should ask any potential housemate.

So, you’re in your first year of uni – moving out of halls next year and you need another flatmate. Maybe you’re still screening candidates; maybe you need a fifth person because you really liked that 5-bed house; or perhaps one of your course mates that you kind-of know – but not really – asked to live with you, but your friends aren’t sure.

Getting along with the people you live with, even if it’s only for the year, is incredibly important, and so is knowing early on if new housemates are people you’d be able to live with.

Now, I’m the kind of person who loves to cook, but is kind of messy; who appreciates intelligent conversation; staying up late; and the toilet seat not being left up. But if that isn’t your cup of tea, wouldn’t you rather know now, than in 2 months’ time?


It’s understandable that choosing someone to live with can be stressful and seem like a minefield, but whatever your situation, here are 15 questions you should ask any potential housemate.

1. The Basics

Things like their name, age, course and whether they will kill get rid of the spider in the bathtub are obvious things you need to know when considering living with someone.

2. Do they have any allergies?

I, myself, have a mild allergy to pineapple, so yes whilst I’m sure that Tropical Fruits VK is lovely, none for me thanks.




3. Are they Vegan?

The steaks are high.


4. What songs are in their most played?

If you’re living with someone who listens to nothing but Morrissey and the Smiths, and you’re more of an Ed Sheeran kind of person; are you going to be okay listening to Suedehead or Panic whilst making your toast?


5. Pets

Do they have a dog? Will they bring the dog? Can I love their dog? Would it be weird if I bought gifts for their dog? DOGS!!!


Cat people can go away.




6. Do they drive/have a car?

A follow-up question to this could be, how would you feel about driving me to Sainsbury’s?

7. What’s their definition of clean?

Now, I adore my best friend to bits, but where she is an obsessive clean freak, I am kind of the opposite, and I know that if we were to live together, I would drive her nuts.

Knowing something like, ‘how long is acceptable to leave a dirty dish in the sink?’ can give you an indication if they’re the right housemate for you.



8. Can they cook?

It’s all well and good planning a flat breakfast, but when Jamie’s burnt the toast and when you all discover that despite her best efforts, Amy can’t make eggs for shit, you’re going to need to know if there’s someone who can save the day.




9. Cider or Beer?

Truly, a very important question. When your Strongbow goes missing from the fridge, you’ll know who to point the finger at.


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10. Favourite game for Pre-drinks?

Our flat favourites have been True American (great game), and Paranoia. Others include: Ring of Fire, Truth or Dare, Drunk Cards Against Humanity, and really the list goes on. Pre-drinks (if everyone’s up for them) can be a great way to learn about someone and are also tonnes of fun before a night out.



11. Are they a lightweight?

Let’s be honest, what you’re asking here is on nights out will I have to look after you and bring you home?

12. What are their favourite TV shows/movies?

…and what type of popcorn do they like? Not only does this let you know a bit more about them, but it might mean that you have someone else to talk to about what happened on Game of Thrones last week.



13. What’s their sense of humour like?

Maybe throw in a question early on to see what their humour is like; my personal favourite has been:

“How do you feel about naked Thursdays?”


“No? well, how about naked Fridays?”

14. Do they have any cute friends?

If following on from the last question, they haven’t left yet, then maybe ask them this one. Just think, new roommate, potential matchmaker – it’ll be a story to tell your kids… or not.

15. And the last (and most important) question:

Will they get rid of the spider???


What are some other questions you should ask your new housemate? Comment below!
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