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Top 10 Pubs In London You Need To Try

Top 10 Pubs In London You Need To Try

Top 10 Pubs In London You Need To Try

Whether you’re a London resident or a tourist, England is pretty much famous for its traditional English pubs! And boy do we have a lot of amazing places to go to have a little catch up and get a little loose.

There are my top 10 pubs in London you need to try.

1. The Maple Leaf

The maple leaf based in central London is a super cool, Canadian themed pub. Its a hit with all of the locals and tourists and specialises in Canadian beers and Canadian hospitality. The place is decorated with Canadian themed everything. Its a great place for a catch up and a little bit of something different. Let mix it up!


2. The Four Theives

Located in Clapham, the four thieves is a pub, slash bar, slash arcade. There is only one bar, but its pretty big, and they serve a variety of drinks. Downstairs you can just drink and chill, but then upstairs there’s games such as table football, racing games, ps2 games, shooting games, dance matt games and more! Its a great place if you’re a child trapped in an adults body!  There’s also a hidden room where you can get a bottomless brunch and play drag queen bingo!!

3. Peckham Levels

Peckham levels is a really fun place, Located, surprise surprise, in Peckham, this place has many bars, lots of open space, and plays pretty good music, its a good place to hang out with friends or pre-drink before you hit the clubs! There’s also a couple of pool tables dotted about.

4.The Crown & Shuttle

Located across the street from Box Park, in Shoreditch the crown and shuttle is a really fun beautiful place, that plays old school bangers at night. Its pretty trendy and cool inside but the magic truly happens in the outside smoking area and which is in the garden and up some stairs to the roof garden. Its flooded with fairy lights and feels super homey.


5. Hootinanys

Hootinany’s is a great place if you love not too overpriced good craft beer and ale, and good music. This is one of my favourite pubs as its got lots of space and is full of life. Inside the theme is very Carribbean vibes playing reggae and dancehall. Located in Brixton, this place brings nothing but good fun vibes!

6. Olivers Jazz Bar

Olivers Jazz bar is a pub located in Greenwich. It is essentially like walking into someones house then basement. The design is super cosy, with a fire and comfy chairs, no two the same. Plus there’s a room where you can sit and watch jazz players, great music and great vibe!

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7. Spoons

It wouldn’t be right for me to write an article about London pubs and didn’t mention a ‘spoons, or Whetherspoons. There are many spoons located all over London, and its the go to place for cheap beer and drinks and cheap, easy, quick food. If you’re a tourist on a budget spoons is where you need to be!

8. The Islington

This may get a little confusing because there are two pubs called The Islington near angel underground station. However one triumphantly is way better than the other. It looks like an old school movie theatre from the front, as you walk in there’s a room where you can stand and watch the live music that’s on that night – they normally host really cool up and coming bands. But if you continue to walk down there are sofas, pictures, posters, mauve curtains and awesome lamps. This place is like a warm hug, and is bound to inspire you.

9. The Red Lion

Located on kingly street in Soho, I personally like this pub people its does everything you want. Its a regular pub, with reasonably priced boos located right in the heart of Soho. The  atmosphere is always popping no matter the day, month or week, and its super close to loads of food places, so you don’t have to travel to eat.


10. Lockside Camden

Lockside Camden is a super nice pub, located right on the lock of Camden, the view of the lock is amazing, and there’s tonnes of street food places just below. Its very old school London with exposed beams, and also has a terrace to chill outside and enjoy the DJ set playing within.

London has some great places to check out, Let us know your favourite London based pubs in the comments below!

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