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15 Prom Dress Ideas For 2019 That Have Us Swooning

15 Prom Dress Ideas For 2019 That Have Us Swooning

It's never too early to start thinking about prom season! hat being said, here are prom dress ideas for 2019 that you're going to love!

Picking the perfect prom dress is one of the biggest decisions to make before high school graduation. For this unforgettable night, you need the perfect dress to go with it. But with a billion sparkling options out there that are tempting your wallet, choosing the right one can be overwhelming. Here are my top 15 prom dress ideas for 2019 that will have everyone swooning at prom 2019.

1. The Two Piece

Putting a fresh spin on traditional prom dresses, this simple design of cutting the regular prom dress into a top and a bottom adds a fresh edgy spin that is just slightly different and chic. The two piece also leaves an ornate top, and a long flowy bottom that matches perfectly. With a little sliver of skin showing flirtatiously between the two pieces, this prom dress will also cinch in your waist perfectly and give you a beautifully flattering shape. Without a doubt this is definitely a serious contender for prom dress ideas for 2019.

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2. The Backless

The backless trend has found a new body part to show off. With a conversation front, and floor length hem, the dress scoops down on the back, revealing your shoulder blades and the small of your back. If you’re not a fan of flaunting your cleavage, this backless style can be your win win solution to that problem. To achieve an elegant and regal look, the backless prom dress will make you a queen.

15 Prom Dress Ideas For 2019 That Have Us Swooning

3. The Ombré

This beautiful ombré fade is the perfect flourish to add to a simple, elegant prom dress. If you’re not a fan of sequins, lace, and ornate detail, picking an ombré fade will spruce things up with elegance without it being too overwhelming. The gorgeous colour fades available also allows you to skip out on committing to one colour for your dress, why stop at one when you can have two or three blended together perfectly? This is one of the best prom dress ideas for 2019!

15 Prom Dress Ideas For 2019 That Have Us Swooning

4. The Statement Red

Red is the colour that never goes wrong when you want to make a classy statement. For something as grand as prom, the chic stylish red colour is the way to go if you don’t want to blend into a sea of black. Spruce up the red colour with a plunging neckline, or some lace to change up the look according to your tastes. Pick a red shade that is flattering to your skin tone and make an entrance like the queen of heartbreakers.

15 Prom Dress Ideas For 2019 That Have Us Swooning

5. The Standout Black

Black is the safe colour to play when it comes to dressing yourself. But it is also a timeless, elegant, chic colour that is definitely a chameleon. Spruce up your black dress with some floral patterns, lace, a plunging neckline, or a beautiful leg slit. This beautiful black number has it all, and will be the perfect black dress that stands out from all the others. This is one of the greatest prom dress ideas for 2019!

15 Prom Dress Ideas For 2019 That Have Us Swooning

6. The Sparkle

For an extra element of sparkle you probably want for your already dazzling prom night, opt for this beautiful prom dress with an intricate sequin beaded bodice. Although this dress is decadent with dramatic details, the simplicity of the bottom perfect balances out the intricacy of the bodice, allowing the dress to be decadent but breezy at the same time. Not the mention, the added sparkle with the unique beading is sure to make your date swoon at first sight.

15 Prom Dress Ideas For 2019 That Have Us Swooning

7. The Princess

You can never go wrong with channeling your pink princess vibes for prom. Why not opt for that classic baby pink colour to sport on your prom day? Just short of a diamond tiara, this dress is sure to make you look just like a real life princess at your prom. Flattering on all skin tones, and a beautifully elegant, all that’s left for you is to make your date look like prince charming!

15 Prom Dress Ideas For 2019 That Have Us Swooning

8. The Nude

Slay at the prom with a plain and simple nude. Go for a nude prom dress if you love elegant and chic simplicity. A nude fabric pairs perfectly with a dress that has an edge on design. Bare your legs, back, or cleavage with a nude coloured dress for a timeless look that is sure to leave everyone swooning. This is definitely one of the prom dress ideas for 2019 you should consider!

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9. The Short

No one says that only floor length dresses come to play during prom, playful short dresses can slay at prom just as much. This beautiful maroon dress has a flattering cut and a gorgeous luxurious colour that is elegant and regal. The bardot neckline adds a flirty touch and the short hemline means you can show off your beautiful legs.

15 Prom Dress Ideas For 2019 That Have Us Swooning

10. The Mermaid

The mermaid cut dress is yet another contender that will slay at prom. With a cinching shape that is sure to hug all your curves, the flared bottom at the end still adds a girl and flirty look. Having the best of both worlds, cinched and flared, this look has all the bases covered for you to slay at prom. For those who don’t want to commit to a full body con dress, this is the best alternative.

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15 Prom Dress Ideas For 2019 That Have Us Swooning

11. The Cutout

For a bold prom choice, opt for a prom dress with sultry cut outs for an undeniably sexy vibe. Walk into prom baring your skin tastefully as slay everyone in existence. Sexy cutouts on the backs and sides of the dresses allow for intricate patterns that show flirty bits of skin. If you love an intricate design on the back, this one is for you.

15 Prom Dress Ideas For 2019 That Have Us Swooning

12. The Bold Colour

If you want to stand out at your prom, pick a bold colour. If you are a fan of dresses with simple designs, picking a unique bight colour definitely spruces things up and livens up your dress, taking it to a whole new level. Pick a bright sapphire, emerald, burgundy, or purple for a beautifully regal colour that will make everyone swoon.

15 Prom Dress Ideas For 2019 That Have Us Swooning

13. The Floral

Who says floral patterns don’t belong on prom dresses? This design has brought new life to your boring old floral patterns by making it three dimensional, and all the livelier. This beautiful white base, and three dimensional pink flowers with green details this dress offers really brings this dress to life. The simple yet flattering design of the dress pairs perfectly with the intricate detail of the fabric that is definitely centre of attention. Sweet, flirty, elegant, and fresh, this dress is unique and has it all.

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14. The Sequin

Sequins are great to add some sparkle and pizzazz to your dress, but it can often look tacky if it is used wrong. But even so, when it is used correctly, it can be the icing on the cake for your prom dress. The use of sequin focused on the bodice adds a nice sparkle without it being too overwhelming, and perfectly compliment the plunging neckline. The flowy bottom of the dress compliments the bling of the sequins like bread and butter. This combination is sure to have everyone at prom swooning every time you move.

15 Prom Dress Ideas For 2019 That Have Us Swooning

15. The Long Sleeve

Long sleeves are rarely the first thought that comes to mind when one thinks prom dress. But having whimsical long sleeves on your prom dress can add elegance and chicness to your look. Thin translucent bell sleeves with sequin details is stylish, elegant, and effortlessly regal while luxurious. If you plan on a backless dress, or a plunging neckline, the sleeves are a great balance to off set showing skin. The subtlety of the sleeves adds a sense of sexiness as the skin is seen but not seen at the same time. Definitely a swoon!

What are your favorite prom dress ideas for 2019? Tell us in the comments below!
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