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Profiles Flatmates You Will Meet When Sharing A Flat

Profiles Flatmates You Will Meet When Sharing A Flat

Here's all the flatmates you will necessarily meet when sharing a flat, from the rocker, to the hippie, to the geek. Which one are you?

Meeting new flatmates is as exciting as unpredictable. You are lucky if you are going to live with your friends.  However, sometimes you don’t have much choice and end up living with people you don’t know.  You’ll have to compromise on many levels: noise, food, cleaning… You’ll meet a bunch of different personalities. Truth is, you won’t necessarily live with people you like: the key to get along with your flatmates is to anticipate.

1. The Introvert

The introvert usually lives in their own world. Contrary to popular belief, they are not necessarily shy people, they just enjoy quietness and keep themselves busy without needing company: they can pretty much exist outside a group dynamic. They are down to earth and always provide you with advice. They are not big party goers: they are homely people and prefer a quiet night in.

Profiles Flatmates You Will Meet When Sharing A Flat

2. The Fashionista

You will necessarily come across this type. Expressive, this person is not shy when it comes to showing off their style and personality! Usually friendly and easy going, these people have their own ‘squad’ of friends and influencers. Instagram, Snap Chat, Facebook… the world of fashion has no secret for them. Trendy, they like to go to parties to make new contacts in the industry or just for kicks. Messy, they might leave their perfume or nail polish scent in the flat.

Profiles Flatmates You Will Meet When Sharing A Flat

3. The Hippy

Do you know Jessa from the series Girls? Well, if you do then you know exactly who I am talking about, if you don’t: she is a carefree, careless type of girl, a free spirit refusing the rules of capitalism, femininity and modern society. The cliché is that she drinks milk from the bottle, does not shave and dresses boho…. a sort of a Janis Joplin kinda gal. They don’t care much about much to be fair. Very open minded, they are the ones that you will encourage you to experiment with new things and go beyond your known limits.

Profiles Flatmates You Will Meet When Sharing A Flat

4.  The Perfectionist

This type can come across as quite annoying, but when it comes to flatshare they might be one of your best allies. Always paying attention to every detail, they make sure everything is in order: bin out, hot water still there, rent paid… If you ever encounter an admin issue, they are the right person to go to as they will voice your issues with you.

5. The Rocker

Wearing a leather jacket is not enough…They are outspoken, they do what they want, they don’t ask for permission, they like The Beatles or The Rolling Stones. They don’t really follow the news of the flat and don’t mind turning up late. Mostly lazy, they like to sleep, smoke a lot. They don’t really like complications, and it might be hard to communicate if you don’t have affinities. Just keep an open mind and don’t be on the defensive.

7. Mean Girls

I am not sure there is a polite word to call somebody like that… starts with a ‘B’, if you know what I mean. This profile is more often a female specialty. They do literally what they like, the word ‘share’ does not exist in their world. Also, they think they are the best, the prettiest, and you are nothing next to them. They behave loudly to get the attention they never really had, and they surround themselves with a bunch of superficial friends that care only for pretends. Underneath, they are full of insecurities.  You need to be patient. They can make your life hell, that is why you need to make sure they understand that you are not a threat to their life.

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Profiles Flatmates You Will Meet When Sharing A Flat

8. The Geek

Shy, not very sociable, they usually like to play video games with their mates. Completely oblivious to what is happening in the real world, they are not good at talking serious. They will probably not be the ideal candidate to clean the kitchen. Try to approach them with a joke to break the wall.

9. The ‘Holly Golightly’ Of The Group

Breakfast at Tiffany’s is an icon in the literary world. It is a rather flattering association to describe a party goer. They never get tired and are sociable butterflies. Party after party every week, they always have something planned on a Friday or a Saturday night. They are definitely not the trouble maker type, but you might get stressed of them slapping the door at 3am and waking you up. They might invite some guests back to the flat too. This flatmate enjoys the present!

Profiles Flatmates You Will Meet When Sharing A Flat

With Which Flatmate Would You Like To Live? Let Us Know In The Comments Section Below!

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