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10 Productive Things To Do On Your Lunch Break

10 Productive Things To Do On Your Lunch Break

10 Productive Things To Do On Your Lunch Break

Lunch breaks are precious. They’re the only time in the middle of your day where you’ve got the opportunity to do whatever you want. For some people that means eating, but most of the time you can do that at your desk or round the back. Eating for 10 minutes then spending the rest of your time staring at your phone is quite frankly, a complete waste of a lunch break.

Here are 10 productive things to do on your lunch break.

1. Walk

Going on a walk during your lunch break can be fabulous. Whether its around a park or down  some streets every little counts. A little bit of exercise can go a long way and getting some fresh air can be super beneficial, especially if you’re sat inside in a stuffy office all day.

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2. Gym

If you work a 9-5 you’ll know squeezing in going to the gym can be incredibly difficult. There’s just not enough time in the day to sleep enough, have some chill time, eat, cook and go to work. And when you do force yourself to go to the gym before or after work its crammed! So just go on your lunch break. Its way less busy and you’re not using up any of your valuable time. Plus it gets it out of the way early and will likely make the rest of you day go way quicker.

10 Productive Things To Do On Your Lunch Break

3. Go To The Hairdressers

Trying to book a hair appointment is near impossible on the weekends. And no one really wants to sit in a chair after a long day for even more hours. So just go at lunch time. It will still be bright outside, and its not going to be busy on a weekday.

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4. Get A Wax

This is a bit of an odd one, but why not! Waxing appointments get full up super fast, and when you need a wax you need a wax! Use apps like groupon or woucher, to find a place near your work place and just take a trip. Then you can go home as soon as you’re finished without having to wait around for an appointment.

5. Read

These day’s with all the gadgets and devices we often don’t get time to sit down and read a good book. Go to a cafe for a change of scenery, or a park if its sunny outside and just get lost in a book. Its a nice way to take a break from screens and life and just chill.

10 Productive Things To Do On Your Lunch Break

6. Plan your week

Sometimes there’s no time to plan, which means you’re always falling behind and never getting things done. Ultimately making you super stressed. Take a lunch break to just have a little planning, plan your food, your shops, your exercise routine. just anything that will make your life go a little smoother.

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7. Do Yoga

If you’re like me and struggle to get up in the morning for a morning session your lunch break is a great time for this. Find a class or an unused meeting room to do a little practice. It also stretches out your back if you usually sit down typing all day. And stretches your legs if you’re stood up all day. It also just leaves you feeling generally good, making the rest of your day go a lot smoother and enabling  you to handle whatever comes your way.

8. Go Swimming

I tend to like to swim first thing in the morning. Its a really brutal but refreshing way to wake up. And waking up in water just feels natural. But if you miss that morning session why not take an early lunch and go for a mid day swim. This is great in the summer – but not the summer holidays, because they’ll be full of kids. But nothing feels better than wet cooling hair on a hot day.

10 Productive Things To Do On Your Lunch Break

9. Go Shopping

To avoid that 5pm rush hour shopping drama just go at lunch. You’re likely to be way more patient, and get food or clothing that is practical and feels good. Not just the first thing you see because you just want to grab it and leave.

10. Meditate

Meditation is great for your mind and soul. Especially if you work at a stressful, demanding job, or are surrounded by humans who always want something for you. Sometimes you need to take a little time out, push pause on all the drama and just listen to your self. Clear you mind and meditate. It will make you happier at work and in general life. Its a great use of time on your lunch break.

10 Productive Things To Do On Your Lunch Break

Lunch breaks are way to easily wasted, and there are so many better things you can be doing rather than sitting in a stuffy staff room staring at your phone or making small talk with your colleagues. What do you get up to on your lunch breaks? Tell us below.
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