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5 Pro Hacks To Keep Your Hair Healthy In The Sun

5 Pro Hacks To Keep Your Hair Healthy In The Sun

5 Pro Hacks To Keep Your Hair Healthy In The Sun

With summer weather fast approaching, it’s important to keep your hair looking healthy in the sun. Believe it or not, long or short luscious locks are possible even in high degree heat. High heat can mean trouble for your hair in the summertime, especially if you have thick, curly locks. Frizziness, dryness and flyaway hair are all a problem for the summer months, however, with our five pro hacks to keep your hair healthy in the sun, you can’t go wrong.

To avoid having to constantly hide your hairdo under sun-hats all summer, follow these five hacks to keep your hair healthy in the sun and your hair will be looking and feeling better than ever.

1. Hair Treatments

Hair treatments do wonders for your hair at any time of year, but particularly in the summer months. Hair is easily damaged by sun exposure, saltwater, and chlorine, so it’s great to have trusty hair-protectors. Oil is great, just be careful not to overuse it, especially if you’re already prone to oily hair. It’s great for decreasing frizz and can give your hair all over-shine that’ll dazzle in the sun.


Keratin, hair masks, and various other treatments can help hydrate, revitalise and give your hair that much-needed boost it needs, after all, that sun exposure. Boots, Superdrug and Sephora have an endless supply of natural hair treatments to keep your hair healthy and shining all summer long.

2. Leave-In Conditioner

Conditioner is key for healthy hair always, but again, especially in the summer. The best tip is to leave in your conditioner either that little bit longer than usual, or to leave it in altogether! This way your hair will soak up all the moisture from the conditioner leaving it in impeccable condition, exactly the treatment it deserves in these hot summer months.

3. Avoid Heat At All Costs

A key hack for healthy hair in the summer is reducing the heat you subject your hair too. This is super important in the warm weather, as heat will make your hair dry and frizzy anyway, you don’t want to make it worse by adding any extra. If you have curly hair and prefer to straighten it, there are endless Youtube tutorials for heat-free style tips to check out! Think mermaid waves and free-style curls and let your hair be free from the heat this summer.


4. Avoid Chlorine damage

If you’re on holiday this summer, chances are you might be swimming in the pool, and you’re going to get your hair wet. As much as you might love swimming, you want to limit the damage as much as possible. Chlorine and other pool chemicals can do intense damage, leaving your hair dry and your scalp itchy, but don’t worry, you can still keep your hair healthy.

Rinsing your hair with cold water before going swimming can reduce the amount of chlorine your hair absorbs. And it’s super important to always ALWAYS thoroughly shampoo and condition your hair after subjecting it to chlorine damage, especially over long periods of time.

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5. Water Water Water

Finally, probably the most important thing you can do for not just your hair, but your health, in general, this summer is drink more water. Drinking plenty of water does magic for your hair, plenty of water will rehydrate and rejuvenate your scalp, try and aim for at least 1-2 litres a day, and as much as possible in summer especially if you’re out in hot weather over long periods of time.

In addition to all these healthy hair tips, its important as always, in summer to eat a healthy, balanced diet, filled with fruit and vegetables and soak up the summer sun by keeping your hair healthy and your body super healthy too!



Got any tips for healthy hair of your own? Let us know in the comments!

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