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I Gave Myself A Facial Using Only Primark Skin Care Products

I Gave Myself A Facial Using Only Primark Skin Care Products

Take a look at these Primark skin care products that I used for a facial. This is what happened using only this brand. Primark is inexpensive too!

Primark is known for it’s affordable products and they have recently been expanding their make up and skin care lines. As you already know Primark’s make up has been under the spotlight recently with their make up being dupes for expensive high end brands, so I thought I’d try give myself a facial using their skin care products to see if they’re any good. Before I get into it I have to say I spent less that £10 for five products and that to me is a bargain considering a facial would normally cost around £20-50 for a cheap one. But I will say this, trying to find anything in Primark is hard, I searched online for these products before going into a store and I couldn’t find most of the products so I had to pick up whatever I could find. Here are some of the best Primark skin care products to try.

Step 1: Steam your face

I always start a facial by steaming my face, this opens up your pores and starts cleaning out the gunk in them. You can do this by boiling some water, pouring it into a big bowl and leaving you face over it with a towel on top of your head, make sure the steam reaches every part of your face. Do this for 10-20 minutes depending on how cleansed you want your face to be. Then use a clean towel to pat away the water on your face. Primark skin care products are really great.

Step 2: Face mask

Next I used the Purifying Red Clay mask which is only 80p! It has 15ml of product which is more than enough for your face so apply an even amount generously, there was not much of a smell too. There isn’t much about this product on the packaging other than to leave it on for 10 minutes and wash away with warm water. I had no idea if it was meant to dry so I ended up leaving it on for 40 minutes to which point it was mostly dry. When I took it off my face my skin it was glowing and felt softer. This face mask was a win for me because my skin felt so good after it, it’s definitely worth it especially for the price.


Step 3: Sheet mask

Holler And Glow is an illuminating sheet mask with unicorns printed on it sold for £3, the packaging says it’s a hydrating and toning blend with lotus flower extract, bamboo water and vitamin B5. It contains one sheet mask (17ml) which you apply to clear skin ensuring even contact and to remove it after 15 minutes and wipe away any excess liquid. It smelt like face cream which was good but I had trouble trying to keep it stuck onto my face because it was quite thick so I had to press it down a few times. I did think it irritated my skin a little but that may just be because I have sensitive skin. When I took it off I didn’t notice much of a difference, I don’t think it did much in terms of illuminating either. Overall I don’t think this was a good buy and you’re better off sticking to the Red clay mask or trying one of their peel off masks, I wouldn’t be buying this again. Primark skin care products are really practical.

Step 4: Lip scrub

Usually at this point in a facial I like to scrub my face to deep cleanse my pores however Primark don’t seem to have a face scrub online nor in store so instead I brought a lip scrub. Berry Tastic is a strawberry fragrance lip scrub for £3 with 16g of product which is enough to last you a few weeks. The packaging definitely reminds me of Lush products which is a little shady if you ask me. The scrub smells like artificial strawberries which I’m not sure if I like. I just dipped my finger into the scrub and scrubbed my lips for a minute or two, the product is a little too harsh but it did get rid of dead skin and made my lips softer. This would be great to use just before applying make up so that your lipstick looks flawless, it’s not that bad so I do think it’s worth it especially for the amount of product.

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Step 5: Face wash

The last step in this was to wash my face and for this I used the Foaming Facial Cleanser which was only £2 for 100ml of product. The packaging says it’s for all skin types, perfect for use with a cleaning brush and silicone cleanser and it removes dirt, impurities and excess oil. All you have to do is apply a pea-sized amount on a cleaning brush and massage onto a wet face. Luckily I have a No7 brush but you can buy one from Primark for £15 if you think it’s worth it but honestly it would also work with your fingers too. The product had a weird artificial smell which I didn’t quite like and when I started massaging it into my skin it didn’t foam even though that was the whole point of it. After massaging it into my skin I washed it off and pat my face with a towel, my skin did look cleaner and was softer, however the wash did dry my skin because it does say it gets rid of excess oil, so I would recommend using a cream or face oil after even though I couldn’t find one in the store. This product is worth it especially after a long day wearing make up and I would buy it again because come on £2 is a bargain! Primark skin care products are amazing.

Overall my skin at the end was looking great and felt a lot softer, the Red Clay Mask was a huge win for me and I will be buying that again, but I can’t say the same for the Holler And Glow sheet mask however. But I would highly recommend going to Primark for affordable skincare products for a facial at home instead of spending heaps of money better spent on food. Primark skin care products do the trick.

Let us know if you have ever used Primark skin care products!

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