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Pride Month: What To Know About the LGBT Celebration

Pride Month: What To Know About the LGBT Celebration

Have you ever wondered, how pride started, what to bring and wear. Well here are just a few things you should probably know about the celebration.

Modern-day pride celebrations are a healthy mix between a political demonstration and a really fun inclusive party. Pride Month signifies many people from the LGBTQI+ community coming together and celebrating authenticity and how far they have come.

In a society where heteronormality is predominantly portrayed in mainstream media, Pride is extremely important because it gives marginalised people and minority groups a voice. It also confirms the fact that every single person is valid and deserves to be heard and celebrated.

Here are just a few things you should probably know about the celebration.


How did Pride Month start:

On the 28th June 1969, the New York police raided a Gay bar called Stonewall Inn. They started forcing customers outside of the bar and arresting them on the premise of being gay.

Despite the police’s abhorrent behaviour, the Gay community had become accustomed to constantly being harassed by the authorities and treated like subordinates within mainstream society.

However, the Stonewall incident is particularly important and empowering because this rebellion marks the Gay community fighting for their fundamental rights and respect within society.


A year later, in 1970 many people returned to the Stonewall Inn, in order to commemorate the Stonewall rebellion that took place in 1969, New York City. People wanted to pay their respects towards the people that had lost their lives in the Stonewall riots.

Since 1970 Pride Month has become a global phenomenon that fundamentally encourages people to celebrate and love their authentic selves. The New York Pride Parade has become one of the largest and most well-known parades with a rough estimation of 500,000 people attending.

Most of the Marchers still like to use this platform to draw attention towards a wide range of LGBTQI+ issues. For example, most of the marchers are campaigning to make PrEP, the HIV prevention drug, widely available on the NHS. Also advocating for Trans rights and trying to eradicate homelessness amongst the LGBTQI+ community.


How do you celebrate Pride Month:

The best way to celebrate Pride is probably by coming together as a community and supporting LGBTQI+ rights and history throughout the month of June.

Pride is a global celebration that attracts millions of people all over the world. Pride is usually celebrated through an array of pride marches, parties, concerts, workshops, street festivals, poetry readings, community events, educational sessions, public speaking and parades.

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In London, there are more than 60 events that take place in and around Trafalgar Square.

Most of the events are free, even though donations are often appreciated.

What you need to bring to Pride Month:

There are some really important things you should definitely bring to a pride celebration:

  • Water because it is all about that hydration
  • Loads of Rainbow Flags
  • A cute (but witty af) sign
  • A cool tote bag, this is mainly because London pride is known for handing out free merch throughout the day and not only will a bag add to your aesthetic, it will keep all of your gifts safe.
  • A camera or phone to take cute pictures for the gram
  • Your friends, Pride is always so much more fun with your friends!
  • Sun cream and an umbrella (because – British weather)
  • Your Pride
  • An Open Mind

What should you wear to Pride Month?

Obviously, you can wear whatever you like!

Having said this, most people wear colourful, rainbow themed clothes accompanied by TONNES OF GLITTER, of course. Although a realistic fashion tip would be to wear sensible and comfortable shoes, just because it will make it easier to dance to your heart’s content on the day.

Comment below how you’re going to celebrate Queer Pride this year

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