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The 10 Prettiest University Buildings Across The UK

The 10 Prettiest University Buildings Across The UK

There are many beautiful universities across the UK. However, we believe that we've managed to compile a list of the 10 prettiest university buildings!

Britain has always been known for its beautiful architecture and the local universities are no exception. A lot of the university buildings in the country are incredible specimens of historic architectural designs that look stunning compared to the modern concrete and glass structures. We’ve had a hard time picking our favourite ones because they’re just too gorgeous to even rank! Check out our list of the 10 prettiest university buildings across the UK and feel free to add your favourite ones to it:

1. Aberystwyth University

As one of the oldest teaching institutions in the entire country, Aberystwyth university can definitely boast some incredible architecture. Its Old College building is certainly one of the most beautiful higher education institutions in all of the UK. It reminds of us of an ancient castle that has survived through the generations and has carried its incredible atmosphere with it. This is definitely one of the prettiest university buildings in the UK!

2. University of St Andrews

Notable for famous alumni such as Prince William and his wife Kate, this university certainly deserves a place on the list of UK’s most beautiful university campuses. With lots of gorgeous historical buildings such as St Mary’s College and St Salvator’s Chapel that date back to the 1400s, St Andrews is easily one of the most incredible universities in the entire country. In fact, it’s even the third oldest in all of the UK.


3. Royal Holloway, University of London

Located just outside of London, Royal Hollow’s recognisable gothic revival-style building is definitely one of our favourites in the country. You might even recognise this building from Downtown Abbey or Avengers – it has appeared in a number of TV shows and films due to its beautiful architecture. To be fair, it does look like a fancy private school or lavish private residence.

4. Durham University

This higher education institution was established in 1832 and currently ranks in the top 100 universities in the entire world. One of its most iconic buildings is located inside a historic castle that was built in the 11th century! It has a unique atmosphere to it, which transports you into the past and makes you feel a part of history.

5. University of Cambridge

This one goes without saying but we simply can’t leave it off the list. Cambridge university is definitely one of the most iconic institutions in the entire world and its buildings match its grandeur. Most of the 31 colleges are beautiful examples of architectural perfection that infuse the entire city with an incredible atmosphere.


6. University of Oxford

As the oldest university in the English-speaking world, Oxford definitely deserves a place on this list as one of the prettiest university buildings. A lot of its most famous buildings have become emblems of world-class academia and intellectual achievement. I can guarantee that lots of you will recognise some of Oxford’s buildings from the Harry Potter films, especially Christ Church College, which was the filming location for the Hogwarts Great Hall.

7. Keele University

This university’s beautiful rural campus and enormous arboretum make it one of the prettiest university buildings in the entirety of the UK. Located next to Newcastle and surrounded by breathtaking natural landscapes, Keele University is home to a number of beautiful buildings that can easily rival other historical structures around the world.

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8. University of Glasgow

The university of Glasgow is Scotland’s oldest university and is one of the best higher academic institutions in all of the UK. Its beautiful antique architecture with its pointed turrets and fluted columns is easily one of the country’s top university campuses. I can totally see why it used to be the centre of Scottish Enlightenment.

9. University of Greenwich

The university’s three historic buildings are definitely one of the UK’s most beautiful higher academic institutions. Home to the Greenwich meridian, this iconic university is easily one of London’s most incredible landmarks. As its located right next to Canary Wharf, it represents a stark contrast to the modern architectural giants, which makes it a really interesting location. Not to mention, it’s been used in many films, so chances are you’ve seen it before.

10. Queen’s University Belfast

Comprised out of 300 buildings, this historic university is one of the most iconic institutions in the entire country. It is also one of the UK’s oldest and most valued universities. The recognisable redbrick campus is definitely one of Belfast’s most breathtaking locations that you absolutely have to visit next time you’re in Northern Ireland.

Have you been to any of these incredible university buildings? What do you think are the prettiest university buildings? Let us know below!
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