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5 Practical Relationship Tips Every Girl Must Know

5 Practical Relationship Tips Every Girl Must Know

Before actually being a relationship, there are a lot of things that girls should keep in mind! Here are 5 practical relationship tips for you!

If you just met someone special and wants to be in a serious relationship with them, here are some practical relationship tips that you might want to keep in mind.

Take It Slow

The very first relationship advice is that you need to take everything slowly. Don’t be rushing jumping into a relationship if you’re not ready, or don’t really know who you’re seeing. It normally takes people 1 to 2 months to actually get to know a person, whether it is a friend or someone that you might want to be a couple with.

You should always keep in mind that even though you’re totally in love with him, don’t be rush because maybe he’s not that into you yet. So take time to really know his personality, how he treats his friends and family, how he talks to people, etc. If he really likes you, time is not a problem, say to him that you’d like to get to know him first before actually become official.


Keep Your Legs Close

If you just want to have fun then it’s totally fine, don’t get me wrong! However, if you really want to build a future with someone you’re seeing, the relationship advice here is don’t have sex with him too soon before he’s falling for you. How many times you have heard your friend saying that her man is really passionate but after they have sex after 1 month seeing each other, he started to pull away for no reason.

Men’s brain operates differently from women. Normally in the first stage of dating, a man is always the one who chases, the girl is always there waiting for him and maybe she’s not that into him yet. However, after having intimacy, the woman feels really close to the man making her want to be with him all the time. If she cannot be with him, she will feely extremely hurt.


However, the more she tries to get close to him, the more he pulls away. If you’re having sex with him before he’s falling for you, there is a high chance that that relationship’s not gonna last.

Give Him Challenge And Praise Him

Even if you’re in a relationship with him or just met him, you should always give him the challenge and praise him, appreciate what he did for you. A man chasing a woman without feeling that what he did is worth, he will give up easily.

Don’t Drop Hints

It’s not a joke when everybody says: men are simple. Well, guess what, they are! Sometimes us girls we like to drop hints that we want this or that, we want our men to take us out on a date, or give us a hug. Instead of saying that directly to men, we tend to drop hints about everything. And when they don’t get it, we start to feel unloved, angry and sad. So keep in mind that men are different from us.

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If you want something, tell him! Cause he won’t understand the hints!

A Friend Can Be Different When In A Relationship

Another one among the relationship tips is for you girls who’re into one of your male friends. Maybe you’re crazy about one of your friends. You like how he treats his friends, you like his attitude at work. But do keep in mind, a person when being a friend can be different when being a lover. Every woman has a different type of men to fit her personality and needs. Therefore, just to protect yourself from disappointment and hurt, do keep in mind that the friend that you’ve been dreaming about might behave differently in a relationship which is not suitable for you.


My best relationship advice is to be careful and do careful research before falling for him!

Are there any practical relationship tips that you want to share with your girlfriends? Let’s us know in the comment box below and don’t forget to share this article!

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