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10 Posts That Show Sophie Turner Is ABSOLUTE GOALS

10 Posts That Show Sophie Turner Is ABSOLUTE GOALS

10 Posts That Show Sophie Turner Is ABSOLUTE GOALS

Even if you’re not a Thrones fan (the show on which Turner rose to fame as Sansa Stark), there are so many reasons to hop on the Sophie Turner train: she’s down to earth, beautiful, funny- in fact, she’s such an icon we’ve made a list of posts that show just why she is absolute goals.

1. She Is So Normal

Would any of us be so down to earth if we were that famous? We think not. But somehow, popular as she is, Sophie Turner manages to be funny, kind and chilled. I mean, on her most recent Graham Norton appearance, she out-endeared Taylor Swift, and we love Taylor. That is impressive stuff.

2. Her Friendship With Maisie Williams

What wouldn’t we give to be part of this adorable friendship? Not only are these girls on-screen sisters, but they’re also basically related in real life. They have each other’s backs through thick and thin and are absolute style icons together. Is there a more iconic duo? We’ll wait.


3. Mental Health Awareness

Even in the past decade, so much progress has been made to break down the taboo surrounding the discussion of mental health. But with such a long way to go, it’s so important that high profile figures use their influence to spread the word and support Mental health awareness schemes, which is why Sophie Turner’s actions are so inspirational. Turner revealed that she suffers from both anxiety and depression, and has been completely open when it comes to discussing both her illness and her treatment, inspiring confidence in thousands of fans who struggle too.

4. She Doesn’t Always Have to be the Centre of Attention…

Unlike some celebs, who won’t post anything unless they’re both flawless and the main event, Sophie Turner has no problem posting funny, bare-faced group photos, even though in some of them you can barely see her- she has bad hair days just the same as we do, but she’s not afraid to show it.

5. …Even Though She Rocks It If She Is

Let’s not lie to ourselves here, one of the reasons why we idolise Sophie Turner is because she is so damn stunning. We want those long legs, those sparkly blue eyes, that glossy hair- plus she shows all the ginger-haters out there that a redhead is just as (if not more) beautiful than the next person.


6. Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones had to come into it at some point or other, and here it is: without Sophie Turner, we would not have the Sansa Stark we know and love. Strong, beautiful, resilient: Sansa has one of the best character arcs in the entire series, and Sophie Turner brought her to life for us.

7. She Still Has Her Fan Girl Moments

One of the reasons we love Sophie Turner so much is how many times she reminds us she’s just like us; sometimes, she’s just as star struck with her fave celebs as we are with her.

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8. Her Dogs!!!

We would literally be this girl for her doggos- they’re literally the cutest (plus one of them is Lady from GoT)!

9. She Married Joe Jonas

Sorry, we’ll just say that one again: she married Joe Jonas. She is literally living the teenage dream. To all you Jonas Brothers fans- if you didn’t want to be Sophie Turner before, you do now!

10. #Girlpower!

One of the best things about Sophie Turner is that she literally has girl code coming out of the roots of her hair. This woman has her fellow girl’s back, and she isn’t afraid to show it, her campaigning for women’s rights showing just how committed she is to the cause.


Have we missed out any of your fave Sophie Turner posts? Let us know in the comments below!

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