8 Post Workout Snack Ideas

Looking for healthy post workout snack ideas? Discover our list of the top post workout snack ideas that'll curb your hunger!

Post-workout foods are the key to replenishing your body of protein. After draining your muscles and depleting them, it is time to build them back up and replenish them after an intense workout. A protein packed snack will not only ensure that your body is satiated, it is also a huge step to making the most out of your efforts at the gym. Here is my compilation of delicious post workout snack ideas that will keep your body healthy and fit after a gym session.

1. Protein balls

The perfect healthy, sweet, and delicious protein packed snack for your post-workout. Customise your post-workout protein balls to your preferences, fill it with dried fruit and nuts of your choosing and make it with flavours that you like. Add the protein element by using scoops of your own favourite protein powders. For an extra crunch, add some nuts, buckwheat, oats, or cocoa nibs. Ranging from tropical flavour, chocolate flavour, or berry flavoured, protein balls are endless and customisable. Sure to replenish and sustain, protein balls are delicious and packed with proteins.

2. Greek yoghurt

Greek yoghurt is a natural and easy post workout snack that is sure to restore your protein levels. Opt for an all natural greek yoghurt brand at your local supermarket, and make sure that the ingredients list is as clean and simple as possible. Enjoy cold from the fridge with some honey, some granola, or some fresh fruit for a refreshing protein packed post-workout snack.


3. Protein smoothie

One of the easiest ways to integrate protein intake during the day: a protein smoothie! A blender is definitely a worthy investment if you love smoothies. Blend frozen fruit, banana, some coconut water or vegan milk, and a scoop of protein powder together for a refreshing and filling drink that will replenish your body after an intense gym session. Perfect for on-the-go or in a bowl, these colourful and healthy smoothies are delicious and cooling. Again, this snack is utterly customisable for your tastes and preferences.

4. Hard boiled egg

A simple egg is protein protein packed and definitely easy to make. Hard boil, soft, boil, or poach for a simplistic and oil free snack that is packed with lean protein that you need after a workout. Sprinkle with salt, pepper, or some dried chili flakes for a delicious post-workout snack.

5. Fruit and nut mix

Fruit and nut mix is a childhood staple, but who knew it would be the perfect post-workout snack? The assortment of nuts is chock full of healthy fats, oils, and protein. The dried fruit element of the mix adds a sweet touch and some fibre, making it the perfect protein packed, crunchy post workout snack. Upgrade this post workout snack by making your own mix, roast nuts with your own spice and sweetness mix for the ultimate post workout snack.

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6. Protein bar

To continue, if you’re ever feeling hungry then just chooses the old-fashioned option and eat a protein bar. This snack is utterly customisable depending on taste preferences. Bake at home with oats, granola, dried fruit, cocoa powder, nuts, and your favourite protein powder for the ultimate post workout snack. Customise and fill to your preferences for a post workout snack that you won’t be able to stop reaching for.

7. Coconut water

This yet another one of the simple post workout snack ideas. Though this one is not high in protein, coconut water is packed to the brim with electrolytes. Better than any energy drink on the market, coconut water is filled with naturally occurring sugars and more electrolytes than any drink. After depleting your body of hydration, salts, and electrolytes, this drinks is sure to rehydrate your body and replenish it.


8. Chia pudding

Chia seeds are a superfood people are obsessed with for all the right reasons. Chock full of anti-oxidants, fibre, and protein, this delicious gelatinous dessert like pudding is healthy and guilt-free. Also, You can enjoy this snack with an assortment of toppings. Choose between fresh fruit, coconut flakes or cocoa nibs for some extra crunch. One of the perfect post workout snack ideas!

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