8 Poppin’ Bright Makeup Looks For Summer

This collection of bright makeup looks is the only beauty guide you need this summer. You'll be dying to try these looks when you see them.

With summer well and truly on its way, along comes the festival season with it. I take it you’re here because you’re in need of some bright makeup looks inspiration? Great, because boy have I got some goodies in store for you. Just you wait until you set your eyes on these. Just a warning, some of these may provoke an impulse buy or two – just saying. Enjoy!

1) White Liner On Shadow

This is definitely one of the more complex bright makeup looks of this collection but it looks incredible when it’s all finished. It’s (not so) simply two ombre strokes of colour with an electrifyingly bright white liner layered on top. If you master this look, be prepared to get teaching all of your friends too. You can do it, it’ll just take a little bit of practice.

8 Poppin’ Bright Makeup Looks For Summer

2) The Sunset Eye

There are many takes on this look and its a great one to start off with if you’re a lover of neutral shades. It’s basically a matte cut crease with a yellow to red ombre effect. Try it out and you’ll be hooked, trust me. The trick for this one is to start putting together the crease shades then cut the crease with some concealer to give the brighter shadows something to stick to.

8 Poppin’ Bright Makeup Looks For Summer

3) The Sunrise Eye

This is one of the best bright makeup looks to start off with if you’re a newbie to bright colours. Focusing on mixing yellows and oranges with your classic brown shades will allow you to begin your journey out of your comfort zone with brighter shadows, step by step. To make it more dramatic, play around with false lashes and the layers of mascara and highlighter you like!

8 Poppin’ Bright Makeup Looks For Summer

4) The Boldest of Lips

If eyeshadow definitely isn’t your thing or that’s the area you tend to lack the most skills, you can’t go wrong with a bold lip. Play around with different hues. Like this one, why not try a blue toned pink liner with a red toned hot pink matte liquid lip for the ultimate impact?!

8 Poppin’ Bright Makeup Looks For Summer

5) Neutral With A Bang

This is one of the best bright makeup looks to go to if you want something extra to match your outfit. With neon green making its way into stores this season in both the clothing and makeup departments, you just got to try this look out!

8 Poppin’ Bright Makeup Looks For Summer

6) Pop Goes The Coloured Mascara

This is a great look if you’re a fan of the classic cat-eye liner look. All you have to do to achieve the same effect is to add a stroke of bright eyeliner above your usual black or brown one. Then, after hunting down a colour-matching mascara beforehand, apply this to your bottom lashes. It’s an unusual one but doesn’t it looks incredible?!

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8 Poppin’ Bright Makeup Looks For Summer

7) From Sunset To Sunflower

If you’ve got skills and tend to be the friend doing everyone’s makeup for the festival season why not try this one out. Just remember setting spray if you’re going to be dancing the days and nights away with your besties. All you really need to complete this is white, yellow, orange, red, brown, green and black liners. It would even still look just as amazing without the bold shadow look too because the sunflowers and roses are a work of art themselves.

8 Poppin’ Bright Makeup Looks For Summer

8) Simply Fierce

This is one of the easiest bright makeup looks to replicate. All you need is a bright liquid eyeliner of your choice. Draw a big old bold wing. Add on some lashes and apply a liquid lip in a shade as similar as possible to the liner. It’s a simple look yet you’ll look even more put together within just a few minutes.

8 Poppin’ Bright Makeup Looks For Summer

Which of these bright makeup looks will you be trying out this summer? Send some inspo to your friends too!

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