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8 Poetry Collections You Must Read This Summer

8 Poetry Collections You Must Read This Summer

Looking for a poetry collection to read this summer? Try one—or all—of these great publications!

Looking for a poetry collection to read this summer? Finding your local bookstore a little overwhelming? Check out these eight amazing publications to decide what you should read during the holidays!

1. The Collected Poems of Emily Dickinson

Famed for her dark poetry, Dickinson will transform your world into one that is mysterious and, oftentimes, foreboding. Her personality really shines through her words. As a reader of her poetry, you’ll have the opportunity to analyse her unique rhyming schemes and stanza structures. This is a poetry collection you should always display on your shelf!

2. Paradise Lost

Though technically not a collection of multiple poems, this epic will still transport you to another world. Here, you can revel in John Milton’s prose and reflections on heaven, hell, Lucifer and the dead. His imagination concerning the seven deadly sins will spark the interest of any reader who manages to work their way through to book two. This epic is perfect for readers who are interested in the supernatural and the afterlife.


3. Leaves of Grass

Walt Whitman’s poetry collection focuses on the self—the individual in society. If you’re interested in social, sexual and political commentaries integrated in lengthy and symbolic prose, then his work is perfect for you! Because the book is so old, you can also find his collection in many beautiful covers. Whether you prefer to carry the lighter paperback or display a heavy hardcover on your shelves, Whitman is the poet for look for!

4. The Colossus: Poems by Sylvia Plath

Plath’s poetry collection will open your eyes to a world of deep introspection. You’ll have the ability to reflect on choice, mental illness and complex relationships through her beautiful, unique imagery and well-considered stanzas. Almost everything in Plath’s poetry holds extreme significance, so pay attention to her punctuation! If you love this poetry collection, then you should also read her anthology Ariel. Here, her poetry also provides readers with a great personal and social commentary. Her works are definitely worth the read!

5. T.S. Eliot Collected Poems 1909-1962

Though ‘The Wasteland’ is certainly one of his most famous poems, there is no harm in reading Eliot’s other works! Delve into his thought-provoking poetry to discover something about yourself, the human soul and the natural world.

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6. Venus as a Bear by Vahni Capildeo

Shortlisted for the Forward Prize in 2018, Capildeo’s work is sure to keep you captivated and awe-struck. Her beautiful ekphrastic poetry, coupled with stunning descriptions of landscapes and thing-hood, will leave you feeling reflective and appreciative of our world. If you’re like me, her descriptions of glass and museums will leave you feeling inspired and ready to create poetry of your own!

7. Birthday Letters by Ted Hughes

If you love beautiful images of animals and the natural world, then Hughes is the best choice for you! His poetry collection is filled with vivid and romantic descriptions, and is at times difficult to put down. This is also a great coffee-table book for guests who want something a little more substantial than a magazine to flick through.


8. The Complete Poetry of Edgar Allen Poe

If you love reading from the gothic or horror genre, you need to try out Edgar Allen Poe! Famed for his dark and oftentimes grotesque descriptions, Poe will leave you thinking about the world and the actions of its inhabitants. Think of ghost stories, eerie ravens, murder and insanity. If any of these subjects appeal to you, then Poe is the poet for you!

Do you have a poetry collection to recommend? Let us know in the comments below!

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