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5 Podcasts For All Pop Culture Lovers

5 Podcasts For All Pop Culture Lovers

5 Podcasts For All Pop Culture Lovers

No matter what age, more and more people are becoming fans of pop culture and no one should be ashamed. From the Kardashians to reality television shows and the royals. There are many podcasts touching on all these topics. Here are 5 podcasts for all pop culture lovers out there. These podcasts make you feel like you’re not alone in your love of pop culture. Listen to them on your next workout or on your next train ride. Just remember, you are part of a tight-knit community who love pop culture just as much as you.

Disclaimer: if you have never listened to podcasts, you are missing out! Podcasts are a substitute when you don’t feel like listening to music.

1. Comments By Celebs

This is a podcast from the viral Instagram account @commentsbycelebs. From the creative minds behind this account, every week they talk about all things pop culture. They draw from the background of their world-famous Instagram account to frame the conversation. They delve into pop culture news through the world of Instagram comments.

They break down all the drama you may not know about or want to know more about it. With the added bonus of hypothetical celebrity scenarios and games, such as the dream sex tape you want to see and your dream dinner table, this podcast is fun and relatable. They keep you up to date with all your pop culture needs. They especially love chatting about the Kardashians with the bonus episode each week to dive deep into their weekly events.

Don’t forget to follow their Instagram account to keep up to date with all the information they talk about! If you love them and their podcast, you can even join their patron to join their pop culture-loving community for added insights.

5 Podcasts For All Pop Culture Lovers

2. MTV’s Happy Sad Confused

On the Happy Sad Confused podcast, MTV’s long-serving entertainment reporter Josh Horowitz chats with the biggest movie stars and filmmakers on the plant. Every week, there is an in-depth conversation looking at their career from when they started out to their current project. With a back catalogue of 265 episodes, you can hear conversations with everyone from Emma Stone and Anna Kendrick, to Quentin Tarantino and Anthony and Joe Russo.

As he likes to call them, most podcast interviewees are ‘Happy Sad Confused regulars’, his conversations are casual and you learn a great deal about your favourite celebrities. Three timers on the podcast include Allison Williams and Nicholas Hoult!

You can also watch his interviews on MTV’s YouTube page and see what he gets up to interviewing every celebrity at every big event!

5 Podcasts For All Pop Culture Lovers

3. Vanity Fair’s In The Limelight

This is one of three podcasts from Vanity Fair. The exception is this weekly podcast is from Vanity Fair’s Josh Duboff and Julie Miller. They explore everything in pop culture, entertainment and celebrity. As they quote, they are obsessed with ‘Kate Middleton to the Kardashians and everything in between’.

With a back catalogue of 140 episodes, you can explore past events in pop culture to know. This podcast is especially great for lovers of the royal family. They discuss in depth all the important things you want to know about, from Prince Harry and Megan Markle’s wedding, Prince George’s birthday and all the royal travels.

5 Podcasts For All Pop Culture Lovers

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4. The Hollywood Reporter’s Awards Chatter

The Awards Chatter podcast from The Hollywood Reporter’s Scott Feinberg are interviews with everyone in show business. Each week feature an in-depth interview with people from all aspects of the world of Hollywood. With a back catalogue of 286 episodes, the range of people he interviews is vast.

From famous actors such as George Clooney and Vanessa Hudgens to the tidying guru of Marie Kondo and to the revolutionary costume designer from Black Panther, Ruth E. Carter. Besides from interviews, the podcast also discusses the award shows and the newsworthy events in show business.

5 Podcasts For All Pop Culture Lovers

5. Shameless

The Shameless podcast is about two Melbourne-based journalists who love pop culture. This podcast fills in the gap targeting the young female demographic who were excluded in the mainstream news cycle. Despite being a fairly new podcast with a back catalogue of 80 episodes, you can start listening with each new podcast each week.

They chat about everything from reality television shows to the influencers and celebrities. A different take on the typical pop culture podcast they intelligently explore celebrity culture. With the tag ‘from smart people who like dumb stuff’, they show everyone can love pop culture.

5 Podcasts For All Pop Culture Lovers

There are so many podcasts available to pop culture lovers out there. These are five of the best podcasts all about pop culture. Let us know whether you have any podcasts recommendations in the comments below!

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