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Plus-Sized Women Rocking Their Curves In The Name Of Body Positivity

Plus-Sized Women Rocking Their Curves In The Name Of Body Positivity

Needing a dose of body positivity today? Check out these gorgeous and amazing plus-sized women rocking their stunning curves!

It goes without saying that all bodies are good bodies, but those of us who fall under the umbrella of “plus-sized women” often find it hard to practise self love and acceptance in a society that looks down upon bigger bodies. Here are ten stunning plus-sized women rocking their curves, plus some badass quotes, to get you feeling the body positivity!

1. Barbie Ferreira

“I call myself and my friends fat all day, but that’s because we’re all using it lovingly, and understand the total sh*t we’ve all had to go through. Of course, if you’re using it in a derogatory way, that’s terrible. But we are fat. Plain and simple. We’re fat in an industry of size zero girls. So, it’s fun to let go of that heaviness of this word that has had so much weight to it — no pun intended.”

2. Jada Sezer

“Being curvy seems to now be ‘in’, the pendulum swayed from heroine chic to the overemphasised feminine curves. BUT #BodyPositivity was never about exaggerating the feminine form, an hourglass figure or Kim K butt. It was never about #thickfit. It was about every BODY represented. Every BODY being promoted AND most importantly, every BODY being seen.”


3. Ashley Graham

“It doesn’t matter what size your hips are when you measure them. It’s about, do you feel good and healthy in those hips?”

4. Iskra Lawrence

“When I was younger, I would look in that mirror every single day and hate what I saw. Why don’t I have a thigh gap? More pimples? Are you kidding me? I hate myself. And that’s so sad because I can’t get those years back of self-loathing, calorie obsession, and jealousy.”

5. Jessamyn Stanley

“Body positivity means that every single human being should feel good today. No matter what you look like . . . Because if you are being positive and happy with your body today, you can do all of the things that you want to do. All of these goals that you are waiting to accomplish are accessible now.”


6. Kate Wasley

“I think everyone focuses on appearance to determine health. In some cases that may be true, but in the case of being ‘curvy’ or having a little extra weight here and there, I don’t think it’s true. We’re hoping to show different body types on social media to change that stigma.”

7. Olivia Campbell

“I don’t acknowledge rude comments, I don’t have the emotional energy to process them. I’m very lucky that I don’t get as many as other women in the industry. For every five people that tell me I’m vile and that I should die because I’m promoting obesity, there are twenty telling me “I’m 35 and I bought my first bikini today because of you”. Those people make up for the trolling.

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At no point have I ever said that being fat is healthy, and neither has anyone who’s smaller than me said that they wanted to gain weight to look like me. When people say that I’m promoting an unhealthy lifestyle, it’s just not true.”

8. Diana Veras

“In high school, I started developing big boobs and thighs. Boys would be like, ‘You’re so thick.’ And I’d be like, ‘Okay…’ My two best friends to this day were five feet tall double-zeros. Tiny. We’d post pictures together on Tumblr and people would comment, ‘You’re such a giant.’ It got to the point where I was like, ‘I’m fat.’ I hated my body and my body and myself. They had straight hair, so I straightened my hair. I contoured my face. It was just puberty, boys, and the internet. But I was like, ‘Ugh!’ And then I started modeling and gained some confidence. There’s this concept that if you model, you’re beautiful. So I was like, I must be pretty! In the past few years though, I’ve found myself and my own beauty. I’m not beautiful because I’m a model. I’m beautiful. And then I’m a model.”

9. Brielle Anyea Cunningham

“For all the ladies that ask me “what did you do to become so confident?” “How do you walk around so comfortable in those bikinis/tight dresses/etc.?” I want you to try this exercise. I did this 2 years ago and it’s life changing. Put on a bikini, crop top, sleeveless dress, or lingerie(whatever makes you feel insecure at the moment. But you would LOVE to be comfortable in it eventually)…. look in the mirror… take a picture… then tell yourself “damn I’m fine as hell” “I look good” until you kinda believe it.
Then repeat this multiple times a week until you truly believe it.”


10. Stefania Ferrario

“I was obsessed with having [a slim] body. If my weight fluctuated or went up, it would really get to me. My body changed, and I couldn’t change that, so I had to start changing my mindset. I had to unlearn what society had taught me. It was about having to reject what had been imprinted on me from such a young age.”

Have these gorgeous plus-sized women inspired you today? Tell us your body positivity story in the comments!

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