Plus Size Models Are Not Truly Plus Size And Here’s Why


By now I think we can all accept that plus size models are actually just normal sized women who live normal lives.

I find it amusing that a lot of brands nowadays are claiming to embrace women of all shapes and sizes, and are starting to show love for stretch marks and cellulite, yet the models in their plus size campaigns are sizes 10 and 12. Since when was a size 10 plus size?

It really infuriates me, as it means all girls a size 10 start to panic and get depressed as they think they are fat. Where are the size 22 models? They are the women we should be celebrating and having on our magazine covers. The more girls who begin to be branded as plus size the more of a problem we are creating as outbreaks of anorexia and bulimia will occur; girls won’t want to eat and will live in the gym because they are scared of a stupid label that we created ourselves in society.


It started off well with models like Ashley Graham and Iskra Lawrence inspiring all young girls to embrace their bodies, but the more I think about it and the more I scroll through their Instagram’s they aren’t even plus size; they are normal beautiful women who shouldn’t be labelled plus size models just because they aren’t a size 6. Is that what the world is coming to? That every women not a size 6 will be called fat. It seems that this is what is going to eventually happen as plus size is getting smaller and smaller each year.


Let’s look at Marilyn Monroe. She was beauty icon adored by men and at the time she was considered a size 16, which in our modern day is equivalent to a size 8. So she was loved despite being what was considered plus size back then. So why can’t we today accept that and truly begin to love women of all shapes and size.



I remember being called fat in school, and feeling ashamed of my height because it made me look bigger than everyone else. But looking back I was a size 14 and that should not be called fat. Even now I have lost weight and I am a size 10 I feel like I am still bigger than other girls and think I’m fat. But why? Because social media and clothing brands have labelled my size plus size; not allowing me to even enjoy my own weight loss.

I think that the Calvin Klein advert is quite possibly one of the worse for stating a size 10-12 is plus size.

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I reckon brands are still trying to opt for what they think is pretty and nice to look at and in that process they have chosen curvy girls who are toned. But these curvy girls are nowhere near plus size models. Nowadays being curvy and toned is the new skinny, and it is sexy as hell; it means you gym and eat well and boys like the booty let’s be honest. So why are clothing brands still putting women down? They really need to change their adverts and campaigns.

I must admit not everywhere is as bad as I am making out and I do love that Pretty Little Thing have actually created a curvy range for the truly beautiful plus size girls of the world. They have allowed for girls with lumps and bumps and cellulite to stand tall and proud. They have allowed for girls with curves to want to grab that second slice of pizza rather than want to count calories.


To be honest I am annoyed at myself for even using the word plus size in this article, and I think it needs to be abolished, but it is the only word out there that our modern day society understands with regards to the size of larger women. Which is sad really.

I vote for a change in what is deemed plus size and what is deemed beautiful. Because every woman is beautiful. I vote that we get rid of the term plus size once and for all because nobody is plus size, they are just a size. What do you think?

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