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10 Places You Should Check Out If You’re Starting Uni In Brighton

10 Places You Should Check Out If You’re Starting Uni In Brighton

If you’re starting uni in Brighton then you’re in for a treat. With its crazy student nightlife, fantastic eateries, the beach and the countryside all in one place, there’s no better a city to be a student in. To get you orientated, here are some places that you must check out if you’re starting uni in Brighton.

1. Quirky cafes in the North Laine

Brighton’s North Laine is a bustling area of narrow streets packed full of speciality cafes, independent restaurants and quirky shops. When it comes to free time, there’s better a place to spend your money than. Whether you’re looking for vegan food, cake and coffee or a hungover brunch in the sun, the streets in Brighton’s colourful North Laine are the best place to hang out if you’re at uni in Brighton.

2. West Street on a Friday Night

Brighton is a city known for its nightlife and if you’re starting uni in Brighton, it’s inevitable you are going to end up having a lot of nights out in West Street. While Brighton’s main clubs are spread out between town and the beach, all uni nights out will start with pre-drinks in Spoons and the other bars on West Street and then you’ll make your way on from there.


3. Brighton Beach

It wouldn’t be Brighton without the beach and as a uni student in the city, you’ll undoubtedly end up spending a lot of time there. Although Brighton doesn’t boast the sandy beaches of other parts of England, Brighton beach comes top for its atmosphere.

Whether it’s a crisp December day or the height of summer, the second the sun comes out, everyone heads down to the bars and restaurants that line the beachfront. With so many iconic Brighton landmarks to see from both of the piers to the I360, there’s no better place to go and explore if you’re starting uni in Brighton.


4. The Duke of Yorks Picture House

You’ll soon learn that Brighton loves its independent establishments and going to the cinema is no different. The Duke of Yorks Picture House is thought to be the oldest cinema that’s still in use in Britain and it’s a lovely place to go and watch a film. Showing a combination of indie/ independent films and documentaries to movie classics and new releases, there’s always something to see there. There’s also a little cafe and bar inside so you can buy anything from wine to coffee and cake to bring in to the movie with you.

5. Hove Beach Huts

If you want to get some Insta’s (or just take a nice walk) then be sure to check out the photogenic Hove Beach Huts. These colourful huts at the Hove end of the beach, a little walk down from the Brighton Pier. It’s a nice walk there and back and a much quieter end of the beach so it’s great to go there and escape the summer crowds.

6. South Downs

The South Downs countryside is a must visit for anyone starting uni in Brighton. This gorgeous area is the best place to take a walk, stop off for a pub lunch and drinks and to explore nearby villages. It’s really easy to get to with the 77 bus that leaves from the town centre and takes just 30 minutes.


7. Old London Road

Old London Road is Brighton’s most up and coming area and there are a handful of great cafes, bars and restaurants there with more popping up all the time. When it comes to drinking, Old London Roads proximity to the student housing means it boasts a few of Brighton’s favourite student hangouts, Hobgoblin and Shuffle to name a couple. You also have to check out the great lunch options available in the Open Market, especially the infamous Smorl’s Homous.

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8. Brighton Marina 

Brighton Marina is another area that often gets overlooked in the city. This quiet area was recently regenerated so there are lots of new restaurants and cafes there to explore. The best thing to do is to rent a city bike and cycle down to the marina from Brighton Beach for a fun day out.


9. South Lanes

The South Lanes, or the posh lanes as they are often referred to, are a collection of narrow lanes and one of the oldest, most picturesque parts of Brighton. The South Lanes are packed full of antique jewellery bars, nicer restaurants and bars. When it comes to student life in the city, you’ll want to check out the bars around this area such as The Font and The Mesmerist.

10. Street Diner

Calling all foodies. Here’s a Brighton secret for you. Every Friday in the Brighthelm Gardens is Street Diner, a weekly street food market serving some of the best food around. With everything from paella to bao buns and halloumi fries to choose from, it’s going to take you a lot longer than your first year at uni in Brighton to try everything.


If you’re starting uni in Brighton, be sure to check out these top places and you’ll feel like a local in no time. Are you a student in Brighton? What are your favourite spots in the city and why? Comment below to let us know.