Places You Can Buy And Sell Anything In Liverpool

Do you need some extra cash? For all the Liverpool students there are many places and tools to buy and sell locally, as well as nation-wide.

Do you need some extra cash? All students answer YES to this question, as we all know student life is expensive AF. All those books, the beers, the student loan on your back… they are all so expensive. So how can you make some cash? Selling your stuff, if you don’t use them anymore. For example, if you have a bike you don’t use and you want to buy a hair straightener, you can switch the bike for the straightener and/or cash. For all the Liverpool students there are many places and tools to buy and sell locally, as well as nation-wide.

Pawn shops

The first choice you have is a pawn shop, where you can get the cash right away. However, you will need a proof of purchase, in order to prove the item belongs to you. The advantage of pawn shops is they trade pretty much anything, so there are high chances you will be able to sell your things.

Specialized thrift shops

Another local solution is to find a thrift shop in Liverpool. They are usually specialized on an item, like clothes, music instruments, books and so on, so you will have to look for one that suits your needs. If you are like me, you will probably be establishing a friendly bond with the local clothes thrift shop.


Being specialized, these stores can offer you a better price for the item you are selling.


Yard sale, the college way

You already host a lot of parties in your dorm – hopefully! – so why not threw another one and invite the guests to buy your stuff? Gather the things you want to sell and advertise the party, inviting your mates to pick their favorites and have a drink to celebrate the sale.


Fulfillment by Amazon

Moving on to online medium, you can try Fulfillment by Amazon. The service allow you to make a box and list it on Amazon, then get the money when the items are sold. The problem is, this type of service works for expensive or bulk things, as there are fees to be paid to Amazon.

Your own site and social channel

These are two highly powerful and effective tools students can use to sell their things. First, you can setup your own site with Shopify in order to sell your items. The advantages are student-worthy, as building the site and selling with it are 100% free, so you get to keep all the cash.

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Another great way to sell your stuff is social media. Use Instagram to advertise your things and sell them, gathering the money via Paypal. Facebook and Twitter are also effective and all of them are free.


Depop is a little known, but highly effective app, which you can use to sell things, especially clothes. Being targeted towards millennials, it allows you to take a picture of your item, list it and share the post on your social media channel. The app is free and the listing is free, but there is a small fee for the sale.




This app turns the sale into a posh party, so most students will love it. You can join “parties” and try out outfits, before you make a deal. When a sale is made, the company provides a pre-paid, pre-addressed label. And you will see a lot of posh names on the site, if you want to upgrade your wardrobe. Poshmark takes a commission from the sales, but it’s student friendly.

What are some other places you can buy and sell anything in Liverpool? Share in the comments below!
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