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The 20 Most Instagrammable Places To Visit In London

The 20 Most Instagrammable Places To Visit In London

If you're visiting London and need some good pics for your Instagram feed, you need to check out these most instagrammable places to visit in London!

Many people might think of London and think of its grandeur. However, London is better known for its versatility. It’s a blending of the rich and poor (but creative) side by side. It’s this reason that London is such an Instagrammable city because you can take a snap one day in one of the grandest train stations in the world, but the next day, a snap in front of some of the most creative looking shop fronts you’ve ever seen. Say what you want about London, but there is no where else quite like it – and few places quite so Instagrammable. Check out these 10 places to visit in London!

*This article is a collaboration with Antonia Prentice.

1. Tower Bridge

I couldn’t resist including one of London’s most iconic landmarks, and what a landmark it is. If you are visiting London, this is definitely one of the places you need to get a snap at or people will question if you actually visited London at all. Its pure status as an icon is definitely what makes it one of the most Instagrammable places in London.


2. God’s Own Junkyard

To be honest, God’s Own Junkyard is possibly one of the most Instagrammable places ever; let alone one of the most Instagrammable places in London. Let’s face it – everyone needs a little bit of neon sign goodness in their life.



3. Neal’s Yard

If you want a bright and colourful Instagram feed: this is definitely the place for you. Although nothing stays secret for long in London, this is a relatively secret spot for London. As it is, in fact, a small alley in Convent Garden. So you can catch a performance, and get some truly Instagrammable shots in at the same time.



4. Leadenhall Market

If you are looking for grandeur this is definitely the place. To get the perfect shot you may have to go at slightly awkward times to make sure the coast is clear, but I guarantee you, it will be worth it.


5. Kings Cross Station Harry Potter 9 3/4 Platform

If you’re not a Harry Potter fan leave now (and also reconsider your life choices.) For all you Harry Potter fans left, the 9 ¾ platform at Kings Cross is a must see. The queue can get pretty crowded at peak times so I recommend going out of hours. Either way you know you’re going to get a truly special Harry Potter themed shot.


6. Kings Cross Light Tunnel

Another great place for photographs is the LED light tunnel between St. Pancreas International and the Kings Cross Underground Station. While it may be awkward to take photographs when people are there; it’s worth it for how Instagram-worthy the snap will be.


7. Notting Hill

You may know Notting Hill from that famous film starring Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant or for it’s amazing yearly carnival, but what you might not remember is how stunning it truly is. With streets sporting beautiful pastel houses; it is truly one of the most Instagrammable places in London.



8. Camden Town

Camden is just everything you expect it to be and so much more. Forever bright and colourful with some of the best boutiques and eateries around, not only will you get some of the most Instagrammable shots, but you’re guaranteed to have a good time too.



9. Carnaby Street

Carnaby Street is definitely one of my favourite places for shopping. With cult favourites like Lazy Oaf, Monki, Irregular Choice, Skinny Dip, Ragged Priest and many more, you will not fail to come out with an excessive amount of bags. At the same time though, you can take some truly Instagram-worthy snaps below the massive Carnaby Street sign.


10. Chinatown

I know a lot of big cities have their own version of Chinatown but I will forever be in love with London’s. Not only is the food available amazing (though animal lovers may be a little put off by the meat that is usually hanging in the window); it is truly stunning to behold as well.



11. The Graffiti Tunnel, Waterloo

Tucked away in a back street, around a 5-minute walk from Waterloo Station is the eye-catching Graffiti Tunnel. Thousands flock to the tunnel every year to create their own masterpiece, spray-painting on intricate designs, portraits or just leaving their own tag. Lighting can be a little dim, but the overall effect is spectacular.



12. Primrose Hill, The Regents Park

Located in Regents Park, Primrose Hill offers panoramic views into Central London. The spot is home to many visitors a day who enjoy a beautiful spot to sunbathe, and relax with friends, in addition to having great views of the London New Year’s Firework Display. One to visit to get some great Instagram pictures.



13. Little Venice, Maida Vale

Part of North London’s network of Canal Systems, Little Venice offers some really amazing Instagram opportunities. Dotted with many vibrant and colourful canal boats, in addition to plentiful wildlife and dynamic plant life, Little Venice gives a charming allure; perfect for any photographer.


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14. Ruislip Lido Beach, Ruislip

A beach away from the beach, Ruislip Lido offers beautiful blue water and sandy beaches. A go-to for locals and wildlife, this gorgeous spot is perfect to capture great Instagram photos; landscapes or portraits with you and your friends. Drink in this tranquil setting, and really enjoy the sound of the waves on the sand.



15. The Kew Gardens, Richmond

Situated on the outskirts of London, the Royal Botanical Kew Gardens is a spectacular World Heritage site full to the brim with a variety of flowers, trees, botanicals and wildlife. A beautiful walk with many different exhibitions and greenhouses, all of which have a different look depending upon season, the Kew Garden offers for some spectacular and  vibrant Instagram opportunities.


16. Shoreditch Street Art, Shorditch

Although not contained to one exact location, Shoreditch offers lots of different locations to view some amazing street art. Known as a very trendy area, it’s no surprise that a multitude of urban artists flock to the area to leave their mark, adding to the vibrant and cultural tones of the area. Explore the streets to find some great pieces to take photos of for your Instagram.



17. Nunhead Cemetery, Southwark

A little more unconventional than the other locations on this list, but a beautiful location nonetheless, Nunhead Cemetery offers interesting and grand examples of Victorian era stonework amongst lavish green nature. Not for those easily spooked, the cemetery has an interesting vibe and attracts lots of people every day. With amazing views and a real feel of nature taking back what it can, this is a really great Instagrammable location.



18. Sketch London, Oxford Circus

Every girl knows that taking impromptu photos in the toilet is part and parcel with Instagram, so why not make sure the toilet is extra Instagrammable? Sketch London has probably one of the most Instagrammed toilets, with its vibrantly coloured ceiling and futuristic feel, it really makes for a great photo op.



19. Kensington Palace, Kensington

A mix between spectacular gardens, beautiful paintings and interesting clothing exhibits, the Kensington Palace offers a multitude of Instagram photo opportunities. The home of Queen Victoria’s younger years, Kensington palace presents a lavish décor which will add some class to anyone’s Instagram.


20. The Shard, London Bridge

An obvious choice, but a good one nonetheless, The Shard makes for some amazing photo opportunities. With amazing views of London, giving you a bird’s eye view of the city during both the day and night, in addition to beautiful architecture and photo worthy food The Shard is a perfect spot to get some great Instagram photos.


Have you gotten any amazing pics from these places to visit in London? Share yours in the comments!
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