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10 Places To Spend October Half Term In The UK

10 Places To Spend October Half Term In The UK

If you're looking for cities to spend October half term in then we've compiled a list of the best places in the UK for you to go to!

If you’re a student or teacher or just lucky enough to get some time off during the October term, it’s a great opportunity to be taking a holiday in none other than lovely Blighty. While it’s all well and good finding a hot and sandy destination abroad, sometimes you just want to soak up the chillier air and darker nights, especially around Halloween. If you’re one of who’s wanting to holiday in the UK here are 10 UK destinations to spend the October half term.

1. York

York is a lovely place to holiday all year round, but particularly in the October half term. It’s supposedly quite the haunted city, so there are a number of ghost tours to take, as well as historical venues to gander at like Historic York. They have the York Dungeon, York Castle and the very famous York Minster Cathedral but there are also a number of great pubs, restaurants and a great deal of shopping to keep you interested. If you’re looking for an October half term getaway, York should be shortlisted.

2. Cheltenham

Cheltenham is made for the art and culturists in everyone. It’s a beautiful mix of modern and traditional culture with The Wilson Museum being perfect for art enthusiasts, The Holst Birthplace Musuem for classical music lovers and The Everyman Theatre for the performers out there. There are plenty of lovely parks for nice walks and great restaurants for charming dinners out. Make sure you consider Cheltenham for your UK October holiday.


3. Windsor

The Royal Borough is always a lovely place to holiday any time of year, but this beautiful town in the south east of the UK is much more than just the home of the royal family. Of course, there’s the castle to visit, but Windsor is also the home of Ascot racecourse and Royal Windsor. On to top of that, there’s also Legoland for thrill seekers and Dorney Court for historians.  Don’t discount Windsor for your October break.

4. Bath

Bath is a gorgeous spa town and the perfect place for a week (or weekend) getaway. With its beautiful architecture (18th Century) and abundance of history, it’s already a great place for all those history lovers but as well as that, it is a great place to get some afternoon tea (try Lucknam Park) and what with the name, has bath history – as in the bathing apparatus – in abundance. You can visit the Roman Baths built in 70AD or follow in the footsteps of Jane Austen and see what Bath was like during her 5 year stay. Bath is up there among the best places to holiday, so why not go this October?

5. Edinburgh

Take a trip up North to Edinburgh if you’re looking for a week’s escape. It’ll be bustle with Halloween antics around this time, what with it being a very haunted city, so it’s a great holiday for all those who love a good spook. It is definitely worth staying the few extra days to witness the Samhuinn Fire Festival in the Edinburgh Old Town. Other than that, there’s a number of whiskey bars and tours to go on, Edinburgh Castle and Holyrood Palace for history buffs, Harry Potter tours, the National Museum of Scotland, great shopping and restaurants to boot – need I say more? Book an Edinburgh October break asap!


6. Nottingham

Famous for the Legend of Robin Hood, Nottingham is a charming city in the midlands that’s definitely worth spending the October half term. Once again, it has a great castle to visit, Wollaton Hall an Elizabethan Museum and the Ancient Caves under the city, but more than that it’s a wonderful place to do some shopping both vintage and not, experience some great restaurants and quirky coffee shops. If your spoilt for somewhere to go this October half term, then Nottingham might be the decider.

7. Chester

This town was built as a Roman fortress way back in the 1st Century, so this is the perfect break for history buffs. With the city walls to walk, Chester Cathedral to tour and the Eastgate (along with the Eastgate clock) there are a plethora of different things to see whilst you’re there and essentially a step back in time – just wait until you see the architecture. They have a local brewery to visit and brilliant accommodation so there are plenty of places to set up camp. Consider Cheshire for your October break.

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8. Brighton

Brighton is the perfect seaside break for October. The stones beaches are lovely to walk down in the chilly Autumn air, but it’s also great for night outs with friends, shopping and eating some great food. And don’t forget about one of their main attractions, the Brighton Pier. You can spot names on the Brighton Walk of Fame or visit the different art galleries and museums that the town has to offer. If you’re looking for a seaside town to visit, Brighton is ideal.

9. Leamington Spa

Another spa town worth a visit. Leamington is the perfect holiday for anyone who needs to relax, shop and eat some great food. It has beautiful white architecture that looks wonderful in Instagram photos and among all the streets are clothing shops, cafes and enough restaurants to last a life time. What with the lovely park to stroll around after a late evening meal out and the clubs to go to if you don’t fancy the walk, it’s a great little midlands town to spend the October half term in.

10. Leeds

Leeds is another place full of vibrant nightlife, so it’s a great getaway for students looking to take a break from their studies. But that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t cater to everyone. Leeds is a shopping destination like no other, so go there with an empty suitcase and come back with a new wardrobe. There is also the Kirkgate Market, a bit of history that’s open six days a week. And then there’s the different museums to visit, the Harewood House and Gardens and once again lots of historic locations to take your fancy. If you’re in need of a getaway, Leeds is number one for an October half term holiday.

Have you been to any of these UK towns and cities during October half term? Let us know in the comments.
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