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8 Places To Hook Up At Glasgow Caledonian University

8 Places To Hook Up At Glasgow Caledonian University

Glasgow Caledonian University has more places to hook up than you might realize. We've listed all the best places to get it on at GCU!

Glasgow Caledonian University has more places to hook up than you might realize. If you’re looking to spice up your sex life, tired of the not-designed-for-sex single beds in University halls, there are more places than you would expect to hook up at Glasgow Caledonian UniversityGCU. Just be careful not to get caught, because the last thing you want is for your lecturer to see you naked!

1. Saltire Centre Top Floor

The quietest part of the library, this floor is only ever occupied in the very last countdown to exams. It’s easy enough to find a back corner in between the book shelves where you’ll be alone for a decent amount of time… just make sure not to make too much noise, it is the silent floor of the library, after all.

2. An Empty Lecture Hall

Ever wandered around Glasgow Caledonian University when you don’t have class? You’ll easily find a few deserted lecture halls at different times throughout the day, and there’s just enough space between those rows of seats to have a little fun. Make sure someone’s keeping track of the time, though, because you don’t want to get caught when the next hour starts and a class starts filing into the room.


3. The Rooftop ‘Garden’ in the Saltire Centre

When does anybody even go up here? We live in Scotland, it’s far too cold for a rooftop garden, but if you’re brave enough you can easily hook up here while nobody is looking. You might end up a little chilly, but the sex will be enough to keep you warm 😉

4. Re:Union Bar Ground Floor

You wouldn’t be the first person to have sex below the Student’s Union Bar. There used to be beanbags here, but it turns out somebody else got there before you will… The space is still nice and quiet, however, and the corner can be cosy if you try hard enough. Plus, nobody even goes into the bar, so you’re definitely safe down on the floor below.

5. An Empty Classroom

Head up to the seventh floor and find a classroom with nobody in it, easy! You’ll have plenty of space and at least an hour to hook up here. Bonus points if it’s a classroom you have a class in at some point… you’ll be reminded of your steamy hook-up session every time you head in to uni. It might make it a little difficult to focus.

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6. Caledondian Court Social Room

Yes, we didn’t know it had one either, which is why this is perfect. Just above the Maintenance and Reception there’s a ‘social area’ that nobody uses. Not only are there couches, practically luxury for a Glasgow Caledonian University hook-up, the room is so deserted that you can go for hours without worrying! And if you get a little hungry, there are a couple of vending machines in the corner (who knew).

7. The ARC Showers

Pick a nice quiet time in the gym and you can easily head into the changing room showers together for a (literally) steamy session. As if a shower hook-up isn’t hot enough, you’ll know that anyone could walk in and have a shower in the cubicle next to you without knowing a thing.


8. The Audio/Video Studio

I’m not sure why we have one of these anyway, because it seems pretty empty… The door has a lock, so you’ll need a decent excuse to ask to be let in (filming a project, for example) but once you’re in, you will be all set. And if you really feel a bit kinky, there’s a whole camera set-up and green screen in the corner.

Can you think of any better hook-up spots at Glasgow Caledonian University? Let us know in the comments!
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