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14 Places To Get Drunk On The Cheap In Ipswich

14 Places To Get Drunk On The Cheap In Ipswich

As the weekend rolls around, so do the decisions of where to go and how much you want to spend. These are some of the best places to get drunk on a budget!

So you want to get drunk, but your budget is tight; it’s the end of the week, month, whatever your reason may be.  The weekend is looming and your mates are planning another weekend getting drunk! You know they’re going to hit the bars then the clubs; so buying alcohol from a cheap supermarket and sitting in Christchurch Park is not a option. And you bought a super cute outfit from Primark last weekend and you haven’t worn it yet! What a dilemma? In my quest to help you, I have produced a list of places to get drunk in Ipswich that are affordable, yet classy!

1.  Weather Spoons

This is a good place to meet and kick off the night with some deals on bombs and shots.

2.  Degeros

Degeros is not far from the town center, and they have a happy hour everyday from 5pm to 8pm! You can get two cocktails for £8.00!


3.  Revolution

Ipswich bar cocktails, with a twist, are available 5pm to 7pm!

4.  Unit 17

Unit 17 is a bar and club with a £4.00 entrance fee on most nights. On Saturday nights, from 10pm until 4am, there is a £6.00 entrance fee. There is also complimentary Prosecco cocktails upon arrival and 50% off all drinks before 11pm.

5.  The Woolpack

The Woolpack is a cosy casual public house not too far from Christchurch Park. It’s a cheap ale friendly company that you can’t go wrong with.


6.  New York Exchange Bar

This bar has smaller cocktails than Unit 17; but great music and 50% off all drinks during happy hour (6 -9 pm). Go online for cheap drink vouchers!

7. Cult Cafe

Cult Cafe has student union food and drinks at very reasonable prices, a 20% student discount, music, and a great atmosphere with sofas and pool.

8. The Golden Lion

The Golden Lion has great comfy seating with a nice warm atmosphere. It’s located near the center of town, has good comfort food, and great deals!


9.  P J McGintys

This Irish pub is located opposite of Christchurch Park with live music and reasonable priced drinks!

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10.  The Arcade Street Tavern

Next to the Corn Exchange, tucked away right in the center of town, The Arcade Street Tavern has fun themed nights and tasty cheap drinks!


11.  The Cock And Pye

This place has food all day, and is located in the center of town.  With great music, a lovely beer garden for a summer night, and great deals on drinks; you can’t go wrong at The Cock And Pye!

12.  The Cosy Club

At The Cosy Club all graduates get a free glass of fizz! Go check online for Cosy Club voucher codes to get some deals on drinks! They also offer unlimited Processco or Bloody Mary’s if you need an early morning pick me up!

13.  T W B

T W B is a bit more high end with boutique bar spirits, cocktails, and upscale vibes. Plus, it’s located in the heart of Ipswich!!


14.  The Greyhound Public House

Located near St.George’s Street, The Greyhound Public House is a cosy and casual pub with great prices.

So there you have it; 14 places to get drunk on the cheap in Ipswich. Of course there are many other options, like staying in with your friends, grabbing a bottle of wine, buying some cheap beers; but who wants to stay in on the weekend when you only live once?!
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