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10 Places To Eat In Melbourne On A Budget

To eat in Melbourne can be a great experience. It is, after all, the food capital of Australia. It can get a little expensive though, so with that in mind, here are 10 places to eat in Melbourne on a budget.

Goz City

The speciality of Goz City is Gozleme, a traditional savoury Turkish flatbread and pastry dish. You can have spinach and cheese, minced meat, herbed chicken, and mushrooms and vegetables.  They all cost $11.oo at Goz City.

They do more than just Gozleme though, and nothing costs over $12.00. They do borek fingers for just $5.00, pide for $7.00, and home-made soup with a Turkish bagel for $11.00. The former dishes are also pastry-based and come in different varieties.

5 and Dime Bagel

This cafe serves bagels made the traditional way – boiled, although you can have them baked also. They offer a rotating selection of cream cheeses and fillings. They also have cured meats, vegan options, and pastry options that change daily.

Bagel fillings include hot smoked trout, cream cheese, bacon maple chipotle, avo smash (of course), and peanut butter. There’s even a pizza bagel if that’s your thing.  No bagel is more than $7.00. There are also egg sandwiches, deli sandwiches, and a soup of the day. A great place to eat in Melbourne.

To’s Bakery

To’s is a Vietnamese bakery and cafe. Above all, the place is well-loved for its bread rolls, the BBQ pork roll being a favourite. All rolls come with a base of mayonnaise or pate, carrot, cucumber, and coriander or onion. On top of this, you can have crispy pork, grilled chicken, BBQ meatball, mixed ham, salad, and tofu rolls. Most of them cost $5.50, with extra meat costing $1.50 and extra veggies costing 50 cents.

They also have delicious buns, costing $3.50 individually but you can also get any 3 for $10.00.


Bimbo is a pizza place and a bar well known for their $4.00 pizzas during select times. That’s right, you can have $4.00 pizza between 12 and 4 pm and 7 and 11 pm from Monday to Thursday, same on Friday and Saturday except only until 9 pm. On Sunday they’re available all day. They have a variety of vegetable and meat pizzas, some of which you’ll recognize, others not, like the margarita, fungi, pumpkin, potato, Caesar, and the spinning stick (basically a kebab on a pizza).

Wings of Glory

The name will tip you off to what they specialize in. They make American style chicken buffalo wings from local Australian produce. They’re also big on beer, making their own brew named Glorious Beer. When it comes to their wings, you go with original, boneless, or vegetarian (or vegan). You choose from a variety of flavours and dips like ranch, blue cheese, mustard honey, and garlic. On Wing It Wednesdays, the wings are $1.00 each. Madness.

La Tortilleria

A place to eat in Melbourne that serves authentic Mexican tortillas and totopos, along with other dishes. They pride themselves on making corn tortillas the same way the Aztecs and Mayans used to make them. They do tacos, quesadillas, tamales, and huevos rancheros. They have a large variety of drinks including beers, cocktails, margaritas, and wines.

See Also

Naked for Satan

This restaurant is divided between the rooftop bar and a downstairs lounge. They offer craft beers, cocktails, and house-infused vodkas along with an extensive bar and restaurant menu. The meals are tapas-style. There a variety of deals/discounts that make it very enticing to those on a budget. All lunch dishes are $11.00 from Monday to Friday between 12 pm and 3 pm, with a similar deal for dinner on Sundays.


They do nothing but freshly steamed buns (bao) from China. You can choose a variety of fillings such as pork, chicken, Chinese sausage, BBQ pork, shiitake mushrooms, egg custard, and taro. All cost under $4.00, with Gua Bao, a variety of buns that have the contents exposed, all costing $4.2. You can also have home-made soya milk for $3.00.

Hotel Jesus

This is a Mexican bar and diner. They deliver what they describe as a no-frills experience and food selection. Their lunch menu includes Sopa Azteca (Aztec soup), frijoles, chilli fires, Camarones al coco (coconut prawns) and beef cheek tostada. There is also, of course, a variety of tacos such as sweet potato, fish, chicken skin, prawn, and ox tongue. The small dishes averagely cost $10.00 and most of the tacos are around $14.00.

Asian Beer Cafe

This cafe/restaurant/bar has remixed classic pub meals with an infusion of traditional East Asian flavours. There are a variety of burgers to try, the average cost being $16.00. They have $5.00 pizzas, $4.00 fries with any purchase, and a $15.00 deal that comes with a parmigiana plus a schooner, available every day. As far as places to eat in Melbourne go, it offers good and deals and acts both a place to have lunch during the day and a bar to hang out in a night.

Where would you like to eat in Melbourne? Tell us in the comments!

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