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Places In London You Must Visit If You Wanna Feel Like A Fancy Rich Lady For A Day

Places In London You Must Visit If You Wanna Feel Like A Fancy Rich Lady For A Day

Want to feel like a fancy rich lady today? Here's your guide to places in london if you wanna look like and most importantly feel like one!

Unless you’re one of the selected few, living in London often means sharing a flat with 5 other people and eating baked beans 6-8 times a week to survive. Saving is good, but every so often it’s nice to treat yourself to something special, drink some champagne and pretend you’re one of those luxurious women from the movies. You might one day write the next Harry Potter or invent a brilliant new gadget, but until that day comes you must settle for pretend riches. Here’s your guide to places in London when you want to feel like a rich old lady for a day!

Bob Bob Ricard

First off, each table at this ridiculously elegant restaurant comes with its own champagne button, a button that you can push to immediately receive more champagne! Bob Bob Ricard doesn’t only look aesthetically pleasing, the food tastes amazing and is presented in a way that makes you want to take it home and have it framed in the hallway.

The restaurant is located in Central London, surrounded by expensive shops and art displays. Fancy it up with a selection of caviar and pretend you’re a Russian Tsar or a sexy mob wife who’s about to poison someone’s drink with her poison ring. The staff are super friendly and the atmosphere relaxed, this is the place to go to feel spoiled.


Afternoon Tea at Marriot County Hall Library

If you’re a fan of Downton Abbey or you’ve watched any British period drama ever, you know that British people live and breath for their tea. You simply cannot fulfill your destiny as a snarky, old British lady without regularly going for Afternoon Tea. There’s no shortage of grand places to choose from, but one that really stands out is the library at Marriot County Hall.

The library and hotel itself look like they’re taken straight out of a ‘Beauty and the beast’ and you’ve got windows facing out to Big Ben and the river Thames. Try a variety of different tea from all around the world and eat your own body weight in scones and beautiful pastries. This is the quintessential British experience and if this place doesn’t make you feel lavish and grand then there is no hope for you.


Even rich old ladies like to party and who says you can’t be fancy on a night out?
Cahoots is a 1940’s bar located in Soho, Central London. The bar is cleverly made to look and feel like a train station and the inside of an old fashioned steam train. (Think Hogwarts Express meets Murder on the Orient Express.) The staff are all dressed in the approriate fashion so it’s almost like falling into an old Noir film.


Borrow your grandmothers old dress or suit up and have cocktails in the train carriage with your friends. Play murder mystery or take a date with you to recreate a scene from Brief Desire. This is a very popular bar so make sure you arrive early or book a table in advance to avoid disappointment.

One of London’s many Spas

Apparently fancy people like spending their money on a place called Spa. They pay lots for people to wrap them up in towels and then the people knead their body like it’s a piece of dough. It’s rumored to be quite pleasant so why not give it a shot? There’s a lot of spas in London to choose from and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Check out for discounts in your area and splash out on a back massage, or maybe a facial treatment?

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If you want to do fancy on a budget you could always make yourself a little spa at home. Light some scented candles, buy a bath bomb or two and find some spa music on Spotify. Make sure you find a friend who’s good at massages and pretend you paid them to be there.

A West End theatre or The Royal Opera House

It seems that all the rich, old ladies in drama movies do is go to the theatre. They sit in their own private box, dripping in pearls, whilst bitching about their good-for-nothing grandson. Luckily going to the theatre isn’t just reserved for the upper-class anymore and tickets don’t have to be super expensive. In fact, getting a box is often cheaper than front row seats as they’re mostly considered as having a  restricted view. Boxes are not about seeing, they’re about being seen.

Put on your prettiest clothes and go see a play at one of London’s many theaters. Treat yourself to a glass of champagne, buy some opera binoculars and get someone to carry your bags for you and voila, you’re Dame Judy Dench. Not only will you feel glamourous for a night, but you’ll also see amazing shows, performed by some of the world’s greatest actors.


Do you have any secret places in London you go when you want to feel extra fancy? Let us know in the comments!

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