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5 Places In London You Must Visit If You Love Second-hand Shopping

5 Places In London You Must Visit If You Love Second-hand Shopping

Looking for a day of shopping without spending a fortune? Second-hand shopping is great for your budget: here's our favorite places in London!

One of the perks of living in London is that it’s easy to find second-hand clothing you actually want to wear. You don’t have to dig through tons of smelly wool jumpers and sweat-stained t-shirts to be able to find something you like.

You can save money but even more importantly, you’re doing the environment a favor. Do Mother earth and the polar bears a solid one and give try it! Here are 5 places in London that are ideal for a day of Second-hand shopping.

1. Shoreditch

Shoreditch is often referred to as a hipster paradise and for good reason. It’s a lovely area with lots of small independent shops and cafes on every street. However, because it’s so popular, a lot of shops have become slightly overpriced.


Make sure you know what you’re paying for and you can walk away with some great stuff. Be careful when you go though and don’t let anyone talk you into paying £30 for an old H&M t-shirt or something else not worth your money.

2. Bethnal Green

Bethnal Green doesn’t have as many second-hand shops as some of the other areas, but they have a few really good ones that are worth checking out. Beyond Retro and House of Vintage are great shops with a wide variety of clothes for all ages. They’re large and filled to the brim with products so make sure you set off enough time here.

Bethnal Green is also a great area to look for cheap fabric and yarn if you want to make your own stuff and/or redesign your second-hand finds. If you have a fancy dress party coming up, this is the place to be as they have everything from 1930’s to modern fashion here.


3. Camden/Camden Market

At first glance, Camden Market can look like a proper tourist trap and undoubtedly, some parts of it is. However, if you look past the numbers of identical tourist shops selling the same fake Nike hoodies and oddly specific t-shirts, there are treasures to be found here.

Have a look at The Stables and walk through some of Camden market’s many side streets. You’ll be able to find vintage pieces, affordable second-hand items, and unique redesign. There’s truly something for everyone here and the sellers are often willing to offer a discount if you buy several pieces.

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4. Notting Hill/Notting Hill Market

Undoubtedly one of the loveliest places to go second-hand shopping or do anything really. There’s so much fun and pretty stuff to look at so even if you don’t end up finding anything you’ll still have a great time. Looking for famous brands and not against spending a bit of money? One Of A Kind on Portobello Road stock everything from Chanel bags to fine leather and sequinned dresses and is also good for a bit of window shopping.

Notting Hill Market also has a lot to offer, but you have to be careful or you may end up accidentally buying 6 pairs of purple napkin holders someone talked you into. Have a look around the local shops as well, there’s stuff in every price range here. Mind you, it does get very busy here, especially around the market area so if you’re can, try to avoid going on the weekends or during public holidays.

5. Depop

If you cannot be asked to leave your bed or deal with other people, go second-hand shopping from the comfort of your blanket burrito. Depop is a website that allows anyone to set up an account and sell things they don’t want. The sellers here range from professional fashion collectors to people who just cleaned out their attic. As a result, there’s a lot of over-priced rubbish on here, but also an incredible amount of good stuff.


Depop has an endless amount to offer and you could browse for hours should you wish to. Always contact the seller if you’re thinking about buying more than one item as they might be able to give you a discount or have other items to recommend you.

What is your number one tip for Second-hand shoppers? Leave it in the comments below!

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