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10 Places For A Tattoo That Won’t Interfere With Work

10 Places For A Tattoo That Won’t Interfere With Work

Want a tattoo but are worried your boss won't like it? These 10 places for a tattoo advise you where to ink your art without interfering with your job.

Tattoos are becoming increasingly more popular with the years and are a permanent form of expression that many of us can appreciate. Although, there are still some professions and institutions that discourage tattoos and do not accept them, until that changes here are some places for a tattoo that won’t interfere with your career and work.

1. Shoulder

Your shoulder is one of the more inconspicuous places for a tattoo as it is often out of view of the eye. Many of the professions which have a no tattoo policy in place are also the same ones who encourage modest dress. The extra material one is told to wear allows tattoos to be hidden. The shoulder is very rarely exposed making it perfect for your first tattoo or for a tattoo you want to be kept out of sight. It is also quite a large area, making it suitable for larger pieces.

2. Behind Your Ear

Getting a tattoo behind your ear is a suitable place for a tattoo for those who regularly wear their hair down or close to their ears. This tattoo is therefore easily concealed on work days and able to be proudly showcased on days you aren’t required to adhere to particular policies. They are very rarely noticed and are perfect if you want a tattoo but don’t want it to impact your chances of getting a job.


3. Hip

Places for a tattoo that your co-workers and bosses will never see, or at least very rarely, include your hip. It is also a very versatile area as your tattoo can be large or small, the size of your design will not impact it’s visibility in any way. Just be mindful at that work Christmas party not to show anyone who could remind you of it once you’re back in the office!

4. Ribs

As with your hip, your ribs are covered on a day to day basis. This makes your ribs a perfect place for a tattoo as you will never have to consciously think of having to cover it as it will be out of sight, and out of mind every day! There is something alluring about having a tattoo hidden beneath your clothes that only you know about at work. It’s like having a secret that your coworkers don’t know.

5. Thigh

Your thighs are easily concealed beneath the slip of your skirt or underneath your pant legs. They also make great places for a tattoo that is on a larger scale but still able to be hidden when the meeting or working day requires it. A respectable businesswoman can have a thigh tattoo, some of the best would, it isn’t up to us to judge unless we are complimenting the art.


6.  Between Your Fingers

One of the more risky places for a tattoo when your work dissuades you from having them is between your fingers, but it still works. It would be a rarity for your boss or higher ups to ask to see beneath your fingers unless you make it known to them that there is a tattoo there. Finger tattoos fade quickly due to constant hand washing and rubbing but if you want a simple design, they make lovely homes that won’t impact your work.

7. Ankle

The ankle is one place for a tattoo that can display the art you’re proud to wear without getting you in strife with your managers. Easily covered with stockings, socks or pant legs, the tattoo can be hidden when necessary but otherwise can often be displayed without drawing to0 much attention to your design. This is also a really flattering placement on just about anyone!

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8. Foot

Similarly, your foot much like your ankle makes fine places for a tattoo that can either be shown off or covered up with ease. A tattoo that is located here will suitably be concealed at work inside your shoes but then proudly shown off at the beach on the weekend in a pair of thongs or your own bare feet. It is one place for a tattoo that requires little effort to hide.

9. Stomach

Notably a painful place for a tattoo, the stomach is another option for your art. Granted you are confident you can sit in the chair long enough to have the design finished, the stomach is easily hidden but also known for it’s space for larger, more intricate work. No one will know you have a large piece beneath your shirt, but you certainly will!

10. Back

This one seems obvious but many overlook the back as one of the perfect places for a tattoo. You can opt for a small, delicate design or start an entire back piece all under the nose of your employers. Whether the design you want is large or small, your back is one area you shouldn’t look past.


Do you have a tattoo in any of these places and does your workplace allow tattoos? If so, let us know in the comments and help those of us trying to decide where to get our next tattoo below.

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