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10 Pink Eyeshadow Looks That Are Perfect For Spring

10 Pink Eyeshadow Looks That Are Perfect For Spring

Try out these pink eyeshadow looks this spring if you want to change your look for the new season! Girly, fresh or bold, you can have it all!

With spring arriving you might want to change up your make up game, try something new. My advice – go pink. You can make your pink eyeshadow looks girly, fresh or bold and fun. Whatever fits your fancy. Here is the list of my favourite spring pink eyeshadow looks that I hope to try out this spring!

1. Natural Soft Pink Look

This is one of the pink eyeshadows looks that is perfect if you’re looking for something new but don’t want to go dramatic. It looks amazing and you can easily wear it on a day to day basis. Just put a little bit of pink eyeshadow on your lid, blend it into yore crease and you’re done! Cute, fresh and simple!

2. Soft Pink Look

This look is a bit bolder than the previous one, yet still subtle and girly. The trick here is to also put the shadow on your lower lash line to combine it all together!


3. Gentle Pink Smokey Eye Look

This pink eyeshadow look is perfect for a date with your significant other during a lovely spring evening. Create an ombre effect on your eye – use the lightest shade of pink in the eye corner, a darker one on the centre of the lid and then blend the darkest in the crease! Looks stunning with a nude lipstick!

4. Barbie Pink Look

This one is probably one of my favourite pink eyeshadow looks from this list. It’s bold, yet girly and fun. The trick here is to put white shadow in the corner of your eyes so the pink is not too overpowering!

5. Pink & Brown Look

This combination never crossed my mind until now and I can’t get enough of it! In the centre of your lid put some warm brown eyeshadow. Then in the crease and on the lower lashline bled the vibrant pink to create one of the most unforgettable pink eyeshadow looks!


6. Pink Cateye

You can do this look with any colour you want – pink included! It’s easy to recreate and looks magnificent! Use a vibrant pink to create a cat-eye just like you would do with black eyeliner.

7. Dark Bad Bi*ch Look

If you want to create that bad bi*ch look, you can for sure use pink to do it. Create a bold smokey eye with your pink shades. To make this look pop, make sure to use a darker lipstick, but nothing that will draw the attention away from the masterpiece you created on your eyes!

8. Pink On The Lower Lashline

Another one of pink eyeshadow looks that I never thought would work but honestly look absolutely stunning! Do your makeup as you would on the top part of your eye… but leave room for the crazy vibrant pink on the bottom. The same shade of pink on your lips will bind the whole look together!

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9. Pink Flower Eye Look

This next look just screams spring. It’s bold and stunning. If you want to be extra add rose gold in the centre of your eyelid and beautiful highlighter in the same colour on your cheeks. If you do that make sure you use a nude lipstick so the attention stays on the top part of our face!

10. Pink Glitter Look

No eyeshadow look list would be complete without some glitter. In this case – a lot of it! Any spring party is yours if you create this bold pink look! Dark shade of pink in the crease and pink glitter in the centre will look unforgettable!


Which ones of those pink eyeshadow looks is your favourite? Let me know in the comments down below!
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