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5 Pimms Cocktail Recipes To Make At Your Summer Barbecue

5 Pimms Cocktail Recipes To Make At Your Summer Barbecue

Bored of the usual summer drinks and need some inspiration? Check out this list of Pimms cocktail recipes for a new take on an old classic.

Summertime in Britain means the arrival of many things – barbecues, beer gardens, strawberries and cream, the Wimbledon Championships and of course Pimms Summer Cup. While the classic recipe is held close to our hearts, there are a few ways you can spruce up this traditional English drink. Read on for five Pimms cocktail recipes that put a twist on the standard Pimms and Lemonade.

Pimm’s Iced Tea

A grown-ups only take on the refreshing iced tea that we are used to drinking all summer but without the terrible hangover headache from drinking a Long Island Iced Tea. This Pimm’s Iced Tea recipe uses a lemon and ginger tea bag from Tick Tock Teas, however, you can use whichever fruity tea bags you fancy. For complementary flavors, try lemon, berry or mango teas and steer clear of anything too strong. Be sure to give the tea some time in the fridge first and add lots of ice for a super-cooling daytime drink.

Jamaican Pimm’s

Pimms cocktail recipes don’t have to vary too much from the classic Pimm’s and lemonade to be exciting. Jamaican Pimm’s can be made by simply switching the lemonade to a fiery ginger beer for a delicious drink with powerful flavors. While you can choose to keep the fruit the same as in the classic recipe, you can also swap these for more tropical garnishes such as pineapple that compliment the bold ginger flavor well. If you’re not a fan of ginger beer, try substituting it for Ting – a Jamaican pink grapefruit soda that also packs a punch.


Cranberry Pimm’s

For Pimms cocktail recipes with a larger kick of alcohol, try this Cranberry Pimms which uses gin in addition to Pimms Summer Cup for a stronger drink. A mix of both cranberry juice and lemonade gives the cocktail a fruity fizz flavor reminiscent of sherbert. If the idea of cranberry and lemonade makes your teeth stick together, swap the lemonade for sparkling water (it will lower the calories too).  Finally, garnish with mint, lemons, peaches and red berries in the place of the usual apples and cucumber for a sweeter taste.

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Pimm’s Sparkler

Pimms cocktail recipes can also be refined and elegant as well the typical punch bowl drink. A sophisticated Pimm’s Sparkler can be made by simply pouring in some elderflower liqueur to the Pimms itself and topping it off with some Champagne, Prosecco or sparkling wine. With this recipe, feel free to get creative with your garnishes to create a stunning looking drink that is perfect for a fancy dinner party barbecue. If you’re good with your knife skills then a twist of lemon or orange rind will be sure to impress your guests.


Pimm’s Slushie

A fun take on Pimms cocktail recipes is this Pimm’s Slushie drink. A cross between a dessert and a summer cocktail, this frozen adults drink will have you cooled off in no time. The best part about it is that although it is a slushie, there is no pre-making required. All you need is a tub of shop bought lemon sorbet and all of the usual ingredients. This recipe uses soda water in the place of lemonade for a less sweet taste but you stick to the traditional drink if you prefer.

Will you try any of these Pimms cocktail recipes this summer? Let us know what twists you put on the classic British summer drink in the comments below.

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